This Quora post is so deliriously sweet and almost reads like a movie pitch and is full No Agenda crackpot @adam

Imagine if it's data usage from cellphones that causes the carbon in the air to break down, somehow affecting the atmosphere, causing tiny rises in temperature.

Young millennials will have to choose to continue on wifi or reduce or eliminate... THEIR CEL PHONE USE!

Holy cow my No Agenda hat was screwed on tight for this one: Hilary Clinton on Howard Stern. I could only listen to 30 minutes of it but deconstructed every word that came out of her mouth. No revelations but it confirmed lots that we know and suspect. I would love to get the entire interview. I'm sure it will be replaying all weekend. Check it out.

1193 @Johncdvorak your drunk donation from a Canadian producer with a Canadian accent has not gone unnoticed

... oh and a bogus Netflix show about Canadians voiced by Martin Short.

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Season 3 episode 2 (and to a lesser value #3) of the Netflix show Big Mouth is required viewing for any no agenda fan. cell phone and gender identity all on one episode.

@Johncdvorak @adam

This should be a preamble but its a postscript here, I’ll remind people from now on.

Instead of favoriting toots like this, boost them, please. Let people know, let’s get the No Agenda way of life out there in any way we can.

& , Gitmo slaves...

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What happens when you put cataclysmic climate predictions through the test of time?

Dire climate predictions made around the first Earth Day 49 years ago that have turned out to be laughably wrong. As mentioned on Grumpy Old Bens #29 @darrenoneill

@adam did update the RSS feed just now? My podcast player Pocketcasts is going nuts re-downloading a bunch of show. Not sure how many, yet.

Show 1176 Severn Suzuki is the daughter of David Suzuki a wildly popular Canadian environmentalist. @adam @Johncdvorak

Show 1170 "I'm against it" WHO DID THIS?!?! OH MY GOD THIS IS AMAZING!!! @adam

Canadian news received a $600 million dollar handout this year. Headlines are now tepid and complimentary as feared. But now our PM Justin Trudeau is having the last laugh. Unconscionable.

It's time for you to get laid.

The actual Canadian Conservative Party slogan is, "... get ahead" but for some reason maybe I'm just frustrated, but this is what I see every time.

@adam thank you for sifting through all those hours of homelessness video from city council. I still haven't found the clips you pulled to see looks on peoples faces while they talk about 'homeless people are our neighbours'. Unbelievable. Thank you again.

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