Please tell me my feelings of alienation are normal. Since joining Gitmo nation, simply looking at Twitter and IG are like a foreign language. So many words being said, so little actual information. Twitter is 30% copy paste anti Trump comments. I feel like I’ll never be able to chat with my ok’d Facebook friends anymore.

I don't know where everyone's getting their news from. The Basement Office of the President Elect is one of the many institutions so enshrined in Americanism the founding fathers didn't need to put it in the constitution. It's in the same league as the Federal Reserve, the secret FISA court, the NSA's American spying program, and that data closet in the AT&T interchange where the whole internet is briefly routed through NSA servers.

Covid DEATH points of interest. Ohio Covid attributed death data from the CSV on the website


Sharyl AttkissonπŸ•΅οΈβ€β™‚οΈ: Faceless Big Tech "fact checkers" disseminate false info, put their partisan opinions on studies & posts, & call it Truth. When asked who their gatekeepers are, they name "news" outlets responsible for some of the biggest disinformation of the past 4 yrs. #OhTheIrony RT #Trump

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Pizza Hut now has Beyondℒ️ meat on their fake pizza. Don't just avoid, mock them as you drive by.

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