Hey, at least it's not from bugs 🤔

Air Protein creates fake steak from CO2 that replicates taste and texture of meat


@adam, does Texas Slim have any thoughts on this?

The Chinese government hacked agricultural software used to track disease in livestock in 18 states. Fast forward to 14:51 for the story.


In a shocking development, Berkeley's student house which BANS white people from its common room members accuse each other of white supremacy

Several members have been criticized for being white/white passing, aligning themselves with whiteness, or allowing white violence in the house. 'Thus, many members (and their guests) have both explicitly and implicitly uplifted white supremacy, misogyny, queer/transphobia, anti-Blackness, classism, and colorism in the space.'


UK Plans for Blackouts in January in Emergency Energy Plan.

Reasonable worst-case scenario envisages 4-day power shortfall.

Industry, households could face planned power outages.


The Center for Disease Control announced new COVID recommendations yesterday, rolling back lots of restrictions. Half of America plans to ignore that advice; they refuse to move on.
And, Ukraine’s top law-enforcement official says that, once the war with Russia is over, everybody should buy more guns.


7 years ago Hawaii passed a law getting rid of all fossil fuels by 2022. They are going to shut down the last coal power plant. Prices are set to go up 7% and they're replacing coal with ......oil.


The war on cows because of climate change. Apparently the entire cow population accounts for a whole 3% of emissions.


Remember those French forest fires caused by climate change? Turns out it was a volunteer firefighter who was a pyromaniac 🤔 . FFWD to 9:48 for the story


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