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TFW you realize most of your fellow 'mericans don't really care that the high level looting has become brazen. :(

"Instead of the UBI, let’s look at other bold policy proposals. Say for example, scrapping our federal tax system, phasing out central banking, or scaling back federal bureaucracy. These are actual reforms that liberate entrepreneurs from the shackles of government control and let them invest, save, and create businesses."

Testing internally with the team now.

Beta this week. No more Chicom video conferencing software.

The odds of the United States surviving as a political entity for another 30 years dropped significantly the day the first state shut down the economy over a flu.

No nation can survive that level of mass hallucination in its leadership.

This is African warlord burning witches tier.

The Brady Bunch on Acid - Priceless... :) Go NoAgenda Jitsi! :)

Be careful while under #quarantine because of the #KungFlu

Foraging can be interesting....

Not my tweet, but a pretty good point none the less...

It is precisely during a crisis that private property, the price mechanism, and the profit and loss system are most important, and when the government can do the most damage. | @petergklein …
#Mises #entrepreneur

Full-List of bots:

@jennifer Greetings fair Baronetess! And greetings to that fabulous voice :) Loved the ad...

Okay, class time, off I go - Adios, MoFos! And such...

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