As a Hispanic person, it heartens me to know that my kind largely reject the retarded meme of “Latin’s.” Although I’m sure the over-privileged whites will insist on imposing it on us poor, misguided minorities.

I was in Panera and two dudes were talking. One was going on about upstream pipeline revenues. Was some poor bastard getting sold on a pyramid scheme?

Happy Friday the 13th, everybody! No sex or drugs tonight, lest you draw the attention of Jason!

Visiting Washington, D.C. this week. Land of “of you see something, say something” on the (award winning) Metro.

Funny to hear @adam talk about the CIA turning podcasts into recruiting outlets on Thursday's installment. A few months back, Skeptic's Guide to the Universe (ironically) got invited to the CIA for a tour and proceeded to suck its cock for two episodes.

This strikes me as mildly insane. Saying that everyone else gets to decide how Colorado’s electoral votes go is essentially choosing to tell your citizens “you don’t matter.”

With the military being the major part of the government running, is this shut down a libertarian dream come true?

Come on Colorado! Let’s end slavery this time!

Gawd there’s nothing more insufferable than when CNN gets to be a part of the story. Anderson Pooper just started whining that Trump only mentioned the politicians who received bombs and didn’t mention CNN.

I keep seeing the name Elizabeth Warren and thinking Estella Warren. It’s terrible.

If it wasn’t for double standards, liberals would have no standards at all.

Just bought a couple of brownies at the Masterpiece Cake Shop. What a world that baked goods are an act of political terrorism in the minds of a large chunk of the population.

Participate in to force Twitter to act like all the other social networks so we can ensure nobody hears anything different anywhere!
The SJWs are pissed that the gendefluid "woman" isn't LGBT enough ... or Jewish, like the character. She probably isn't even a real superhero. THE NERVE!!

Why does someone need to know the history of the coffee shop in order to get a coffee? I suppose that’s a benefit to going to Starbucks and not some independent place; you don’t get retarded millennials seeking a “story” when they order.

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