I'm not sure that I'm really having a lot of improvement with the GoPro. Next round of attempts:

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@radix023 what can you adjust on a GoPro? Looks like you need faster shutter speed.

@bjbroderick this is supposed to be 1/480 second. unfortunately the setting that shoots "photos" that fast provides h.265 mp.4 not stills. I have to downconvert to h.264 then pull stills from that.

@radix023 for bird, you want to be at least 1/2000 or faster. And full aperture.

@bjbroderick that would mean new camera. Nikon Z basic setup would be > $2k

@radix023 can get adapter rings and use old school manual lenses.

@bjbroderick but I'm shooting remotely, if I was out there personally they'd never fly up.

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