If I were to roll my eyes any harder, I may experience an aneurysm. The machine seems to be working quite efficiently though. Fascinating.


This burger, half meat half veggie patty, is being criticized by vegans as "pointless". The irony is of course the fact that vegans are pointless.

Realtalk, as an epicurian who tries to have as much variety in my diet as possible, this is right up my alley.


Just thought that I should mention that I use the Google Podcasts player, the one built into my Pixel 2XL, and it has absolutely no ads from what I can see.

I should add that the best argument vegans seem to have is Kendrick Farris, for whom the article gives the wrong name mind you (vegan brains, I suppose, struggling to survive without animal products). Even he was not a vegan the majority of his competitive career and the height of his career came within two years of his conversion, short enough time to still be enjoying the gains made from an animal based diet without too many drawbacks.

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I found this article and documentary amusing for a couple of reasons: the first being that it seems to be impossible to find this documentary to watch, at least with a cursory google search.

Second being that vegans are taking the conversion of names like Jackie Chan and Arnold Schwarzenegger as wins for the diet because look at how fit and accomplished they are right? Nevermind the fact that they made all of their gains and accomplishments on more traditional diets.


Adam's ant fucking about whether or not vaporizers can be called e-cigarettes or not reminds me of the distinction between "hackers" and "crackers" tech guys would push in the 00's. Guess what? The public at large still calls them hackers.

Not sure why any of it is in any way important. A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.

Tfw the programming is strong and you hear the jingle even if the Adam isn't Adam Curry

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I am sooooo tired of people assuming me and my guy friend are a couple @ . I know I don't look gay so it must be the status quo here.

Can you imagine being a judge and hearing this man describe his serial incompetence and addiction to a chicken sandwich. I would have to take a recess while I laugh.


I could have told people this on the face of it, but the interesting thing is that now that these people see the light on being transgender after systematically destroying their bodies and their life, the left is either going to ignore or attack them. Not sure which is worse.


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WATCH: Unfazed Bar Customer Lights Cigarette During Armed Robbery

"he was not about to let the suspect ruin his day"


Completely true. Though I wouldn't expect a vegan to understand. The diet definitely damages one's cognizance, as I've never met a very intelligent or thoughtful vegan.


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UPS delivered a package in the wrong state, New Hampshire, instead of California and are insisting I drive to their access point to pick it up.

Should take an Uber from California to New Hampshire and bill them for it.

A fascinating article dedicated to solving a non-problem in a very inefficient and ridiculous way. I work 12-17 hours a day and still plan meals, shop, and cook. It isn't difficult or time consuming.


Amusing to see them groveling now after that $8 billion loss. I'll never touch another one of their products again. Not necessarily because of their toxic masculinity stint, but because they doubled down and defended the morality of their decision, and then immediately flipped when financials went South. Reprehensible.


I would say "time to buy real estate cheap off the idiots fleeing the coast" but millennials are poor and don't own property anyway.


Did Trump just convince Planned Parenthood to willingly drop federal funding? An amazing feat considering how they cry bloody murder any time their funding might be remotely affected.


Based on your recent reports, would you say that the homeless problem is still growing in-tent-city around Austin?

A fun twist. The magic ingredient in impossible burgers wasn't actually approved by the FDA, the FDA just said that they didn't care. AL Gore money at work people.


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