The NA fighter plane ready for the show flight. 😁

Armed with 20mm media assassination cannons, ready hit the target in the mouth.

Unless they're 20mm noodle cannons.... ick! 😀

Either way, the Lightning is a cool plane.

Thank you for your thoughts, prayers and karma, fellow producers. I appreciate it all.
See you all later.

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Had a rough day. Went to see my mother earlier today, and found her dead in her home. Apparently she had passed away last night. Possibly a heart failure, not sure yet. She was in her early 80's.

Only yesterday I took her to a grocery store and everything seemed to be just fine, we talked about this and that and about things that she was going to do next week. Today she's gone. My heart is broken. 😢

If you have some healing karma to spare, I could use some right now.
Love ya Mum, RIP 💔 🕯️

Well, I'd argue the years felt like they' re directed by David Lynch instead of Quentin Tarantino, or maybe they co-directed the years. But besides that, yeah, sounds about right. 🤔

Wow, unbleepingbelievable. 😲

They actually did that? That's incredible and truly despicable if true. I take it no one at the time in that regime was held accountable for such a hideous deed?

Didn't know, or don't remember ever being told/taught about that.

Speaking of Twitter, can anyone confirm if Twitter is shadowbanning the No Agenda show?

Not sure if it's just my Twitter client or is there some other reason for Twitter not finding the No Agenda show when trying to search for it.
Just felt a bit odd.

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I start reciting & humming the I've Got Ants NA jingle with my best JCD voice, obviously.
Next question. 😉

Happy Mother's Day!
from Pfizer

(a page from the recent data dump by Pfizer which they wanted to be hidden for 75 years)

The Twitter War begun has.
May the Fourth be with us.

Shake the bird cage a bit, and all the usual suspects start emerging from their hideouts.
Not surprising.🙄

I feel sorry for Elon and his money, or that of his companies and investors, because Twitter is probably not worth saving. He could have as well let the woke mob have it, and start with a new platform from scratch. Elon might have had enough clout to pull it off, or at least do better than Trump.

Oh cool, they found the Holy Hand Grenade!

Fortunately we already know how to use it. Just consult the Book of Armaments! 😁

The weekend has started, it's the 1st of May weekend. So let's not mope, let's just enjoy the weekend! 😁

The Wokeness of New York

If that's not the show title, it should be the title of something. 😉

There has been no shortage of Twitter-Musk related memes recently. Here's the Twitter Reeeeecket Launcher! 🤣

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