Too bad we had no space stations or satellites on orbit 8,000 years ago, for example, when the Krakatau volcano erupted.

Although it was not a 'classic' eruption, either, because the whole mountain exploded in the air, along with a massive tsunami, leaving just a huge hole in the ocean, known as a caldera. That must have looked like a really big nuke going off from above.

There are several bigger and smaller calderas around the world reminding us of such "nuke detonations."

Not my favourite brands to begin with. I've only ever bought two Carhartt T-shirts. Which are quite comfy, but looks like those two will be the only ones I'll ever buy. Unless they'll back down from that policy.
Thanks for the heads-up.

Oh cheeses. 🙄 Another scenic view from the Banana Republic of California:

Looks pretty depressing, especially if you're planning on ordering anything online from or to LA. 😒

As long as those two options remain true voluntary options, I'm fine with that.

Being coerced to option 2 would and will not be fine.

Wow... California has become an actual third world country. 🙄
You don't see sceneries like that even in lawless areas devastated by wars in Central America or Northern Africa.

The ruling 'elite' of the 16th century in Rome simply set the date. The habit, along with the Gregorian calendar issued by pope Gregorius in the late 1500's, has kinda stuck with most of the world ever since.
Before that there were several different calendars and dates for the change of the year all over the world. In many cases the calendars did follow the solar, lunar and harvest cycles, and the year changed earlier than today.

Nah, not much nuttier than before.
The test is the new toilet paper.

Earlier this year that same president also admitted that his butt has been wiped, so...
I wouldn't hold my breath. 🙄

Whoa, some of you lot post & 'shitpost' a lot. And by a lot I mean A LOT! 🙄 😲 😀
Post after post squirting out like diarrhoea of an overcaffeinated post-squirrel. 😵
Sometimes the same message appearing three times in a row.
(ahem, looking at you, @freedompatriot among others) 😉

I guess that's why the big tech came up with the algorithms back in the day... 🤔
Anyway, nothing personal, just observing.
There would often be lots of interesting stuff to see but only 24 hours in a day... 😉

We can only guess about the WTH part, and I'd guess that she never fully recovered from the first case, so she didn't actually catch it twice. The PCR tests can be unreliable, too.
Either that, or there must be some serious underlying health issues that make her particularly vulnerable and a welcoming platform for the bug. Typically metabolic syndrome and its derivatives like obesity, asthma, fatty liver/other organ syndrome, cardiovascular issues etc.
Whatever the case,🤞 for a quick recovery.

A slight clarification:
What Dr. Damasio discovered was that the patient called Elliot, albeit still sane and capable of logical thinking after the operation, had lost his ability to feel emotions, which in turn destroyed his ability to make even simple decisions.

Thus the tradidional divide between reason and emotions in the brain was debunked.
It turns out emotions are critically important for our rationalising and making decisions. Especially those that involve social and personal matters.

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IOW, get jabbed or remain unjabbed, both decisions are based on emotions, which we then try to rationalise afterwards. If we claim our decisions one way or another are purely rational, we're deluding ourselves.
Want to delve deeper in to the science, look for an interesting study done by neurologist Antonio Damasio and the curious case of his patient called Elliot, who lost a part of his frontal lobe (logical thinking) b/c of a tumour operation. As a result he lost his ability to make decisions.

Well, that's a non-sequitur from him, and appears to be motivated largely by hubris/ego.
He is right about decision making and rationalising in general, but the "we" part in his vax rationalising is where he drops the ball.
Zuby does have a fair point, but that has little to do with the human decision making process, which is always driven by emotion. That's indeed a scientific fact. But as we can see, Mr. Adams seems to be using that fact to excuse himself and to dismiss different decisions.

Ho Ho Ho! 🎶
Happy Holidays
Merry Christmas
and Happy New year to all the boots on the ground, feet in the air, ships at sea, slaves, producers, knights & dames out there! Enjoy the festive weekend.

From Sir Ernie & his gallant rednose reindeer ride 🙂

Sure, Fauci can tell Americans to ask unjabbed relatives to not show up for Christmas, and Americans can tell Fauci to f**k off.
Simple as that.

Meh, I wouldn't read too much into an ordinary sounding cough, unless it escalates into bronchitis and fever. After all, it's winter in the Northern hemisphere. Rather harmless flus, runny noses and coughs are rather common this time of year.

I thought Telegram was just a messaging alternative to Messenger, Whatsapp and Signal, rather than a social media site.
I guess I need to look into it.
What is it like in there?

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