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Bringing in an early birthday win, @Laurien and I present the latest fresh and ready to rip!

Special thanks to producers @quirkess and @lavish

Shout out to y'all streaming sats too:

We are looking into better ways to recognize our sat streamers; if you want a sat credit feel free to email us a note!

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S01E48: Chiraq Punk

Dry Ice…GO
Crushing riffs…GO
Blatant Truths…GO

Behind the Sch3m3s hits the stage with a man calling it then, from the Chicago Thrash Punk Underground comes Kyriakos, Vocalist and Lyricist of AFTERMATH. Three. Hours. Hard. In. The. Paint. Where METAL and ILLUMINATION coalesce!

It’s more than concepts.
It’s that good shit.

The Truth is so Bright I Gotta Wear Shades.



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've been binging on Behind the Sch3m3s. It reminds me of the Joe Rogan "podcast and chill" era. I really think we are on to something in this community. Cheers to @lavish and @Boo_BuryMothman , their show is live on Mondays here are the site url and rss links

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Beware the spells you cast for the world is made of mirrors

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Tomorrow is @SirSpencer's birthday, bowlers! 🐺💜 Let's usher it in with another episode of LIVE around 10 PM EST / 9 PM Central after DH Unplugged.

Birthday suits recommended, but not required. 😬

Tonight's is the First Time I Ever talked to a therapist, and we want to hear from YOU! Leave us a voicemail or text:

(816) 607-3663



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Got an herb bland that's supposed to induce lucid dreaming.

What should I ask the inter-dimensional aliens when I see them?

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“If you say yes when no needs to be said, however, you transform yourself into someone who can only say yes, even when it is very clearly time to say no. If you ever wonder how perfectly ordinary, decent people could find themselves doing the terrible things the gulag camp guards did, you now have your answer. By the time no seriously needed to be said, there was no one left capable of saying it.” — Jordan Peterson

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@lavish Coming this Moandaze!


Kyriakos, lead singer from the metal thrash band AFTERMATH is joining @lavish and myself in the for a sick episode of Behind The Sch3m3s!

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S01E43: Sex In Zero-G Wakes The Wolf

Sick Ass Art by @Laurien

I got something to say! I froze my semen today!

That’s gross! But, it’s what Boo Bury and @lavish gots to do tonight on Behind The Sch3m3s if we decide to get that vax! Nah, we’re kidding we wouldn’t dare go that far. Papers Please! Hahaha kidding again! No seriously, punk is dead! Aha got you!

Pokin a sleeping wolf? Now that you can bet on.


Scr33m for us!


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@Secftblgirl "The ideological revolution have as their purpose to seize power. The real American revolution would be to destroy power... I don't see society as some 'big thing'. Society is ppl together making culture... the most crucial part of social matters is scale; society is in fact neighborhoods & should be that in practice." Karl Hess

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What does your freaky-deaky creepy spooky ghoulish and foolish mutant inner monster sound like?

We're lookin for the most infectious zombie groans, ghoulish howls from spirits long gone, unwanted advances from sparkle vampires in whips and chains, maybe even the sound of Bigfoot slapping alien cheeks!

Leave a Scream-Mail on
Behind The Sch3m3s's
Cr33p Phone!
612-263-SXXY (7999)

It may be played on air to billionz of denizens of the netherworld!

Check with your parents before calling.

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Freshly packed for Stoner Christmas, it's the 4/20 Special from @Laurien & me:

Thanks to our awesome 4/20 producers:

also debuting the with @RevCyberTrucker

Spark one up, Bowlers!

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Space (2020)
Horror, Sci-Fi | March 2020

In the year 2050, Dr. Ada Gray and her fellow astronauts aboard The Udo fight for survival after an accident leaves them stranded in deep space.

Director: Monte Light

Cast: Len Kabasinski, Lara Jean Sullivan, Michael Klug, Justin Michael Terry, Kat Sheridan

Space (2020)[ scifi, horror, Len Kabasinski, Lara Jean Sullivan].mp4 365MB



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Akira (1988)
124min | Animation, Sci-Fi, Romance, Sci-Fi, Sci-Fi | July 1988

A secret military project endangers Neo-Tokyo when it turns a biker gang member into a rampaging psionic psychopath that only two kids and a group of psionics can stop.

Director: Katsuhiro Ohtomo

Cast: Mitsuo Iwata, Nozomu Sasaki, Mami Koyama, Tesshô Genda, Hiroshi Ohtake

Akira (1988)[scifi anime].mp4 889MB



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Happy Tokin' Tuesday, bowlers! I'll be live with @SirSpencer TONIGHT around 10 PM EST / 9 PM CT for another fresh-packed episode of .

This week's FTIE is the First Time YOU Ever went to a dance.

Leave a voicemail or send a text:

(816) 607-3663

YUGE thank you to @Boo_BuryMothman for bringing us this week's art!


Chat :

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