Happy Birthday @adam! Hopefully the digital card made it through the SPAM filters--oh wait, only @Johncdvorak uses SPAM filters. 😀

@Viking I've been meaning to ask what part of the PNW is your HQ?

Forbes should be shut down. They are a former shell of themselves as a heavy clickbait operation.

Behold their latest headline hype. I remember when Forbes was a respectable business magazine and Malcolm Forbes, Jr. ran for president. Good thing the sellout didn't win!

I just applied for a $33,000 business financing for our company.

Magic number karma?

Support an NA Listener's kid... 😎

My favorite Cookie is selling Girl Scout Cookies.

You can buy them now at digitalcookie.girlscouts.org/s

@adam You guys mentioned in 1073 the little girl voice that Ford has. This is common with those who’ve had trauma, usually sexual, at a young age. The thing is, her cutesy voice doesn’t sound of 15, but somewhat younger. While I think she was abused by someone, the level in her testimony doesn’t coincide with the level of trauma that would cause that little girl voice. I’m guessing she’s been a victim prior to 15 which makes her a perfect candidate to be in this alleged situation.

@adam They left out Seattle as a popular destination. My theory a few years ago was that tech-working millennials want to marry and have children. SF’s & The Valley’s cramped lifestyle is no place for that, so they began moving up the the Northwest. Google tripled their footprint here to accommodate, and now our housing is bloated. The rest of tech co’s followed. Aging coders (and other wage earners) want a family lifestyle and are looking beyond CA.
I guess I’m also from the future.

Google and MasterCard made a deal to track people’s spending habits!? Never informed cardholders. 🙄


@adam Happy Birthday. Wishing you a fantastic day with many more to come. 73.

Looking for the information on the Seattle meet up tonight and can't find it. Not sure if I can make it. Anyone know the time of the event?

@isaac you’ll get through it and it’s quite entertaining. Take solace in the fact the last 10 or so minutes are jingles. ;)

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