@adam this article is a great example of how people have gone mad and Press click bait.

If she was Jackie Kennedy, people would've been ooohing and aaahing, but here's someone who made their own money as an actress, shilling for brands she probably represents, and nut-cases on social media attack.

Wife of Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin Brags About Designer Fashions on Social Media, Slams Critic of Flashy Display - The Hollywood Reporter

@psimac @adam


"Apparently I offended this deplorable girl I had never heard of until today. According to my 20 second Google search, she's an aspiring Penthouse model who married an old rich guy in a wedding officiated by a homophobe and attended by other couples of similar age and beauty gaps," she wrote. "She says she's a nice person. I doubt it. There weren't any Nazi sympathizers at my wedding.

@psimac @adam

Holy hell this commenter is unhinged. I honestly read Linton's comment as "Hey, we're rich, get over it. You have a great looking family - quit wasting your time worrying about what I'm doing with my life and go enjoy yours."

@DrChris @adam people are such assholes when hiding behind keyboards. Nothing new, really, just another example of this sort of behavior.

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