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> Scientists establish link between religious fundamentalism and brain damage

Pictured: noted evangelist for sky god, Donald Trump.

30 minute update from Louis Rossmann:

* Fuck you New York I'm done being your butt monkey.
* Moving Rossmann Repair Group to Texas; employees who can't come with are getting 4+ months notice and as much help as possible to move on to something else.
* Becoming director of a non-profit whose mission is to enable people to take back control of their devices, in Texas. Funded by a fat sugar daddy.


I've seen two different stories just this week about trying to invent a process for manufacturing jet fuel more closely tied to the free energy from Sky God.

This one uses bacteria.

The other one was using a solar oven like a liquid sodium steam engine kinetic energy / electric generator plant but pumps atmosphere and solar energy into some kind of durable catalyst to get jet fuel out.

Likelihood of a car-replaces-horse style paradigm shift for energy in 10 years?

Do newspapers with Dilbert actually "print" Dilbert online? Scott Adams has been on a tear the last 6 to 9 months, often making daily cartoons that are unfit for MSM. I heard at least a few of them got replaced with reruns.

It'd be cool to have an RSS feed that detects when Dilbert gets censored and only posts on those days.

Python programming 

I'm re-learning Python, and I'm learning to do a GUI in Python for the first time, using Tkinter. Also using Peewee database library for the first time.

This project is going to be a reporting tool for time sheets you've saved out of my company's time sheet system. (How much PTO do I have left? etc.)

I'm learning and coding slowly, but I love how clean and readable the code looks after a first pass!

Note: still building the business logic. Don't ask me about Tkinter yet.

How could KIA sell a car that an 11 year old could operate? We need to childproof these things!

A lot of vloggers I follow are dropping notes in their videos warning about a specific YouTube comment spam scam where someone claims to be the vlogger and says "message me on telegram to claim your prize" or some such shit.

The benefits of using YouTube are eroding, and you can't call anyone for help.

Link goes to paywalled example story -- hasn't been autoposted to YouTube yet due to "patrons get it first".

Hey, how's Slashdot doing?...

Oh. I see they still haven't figured out in 2022 how to quote English text in a blog post.

Ever wanted to be a glasshole, but don't want to work with Google?

Someone shared this on the Hackers on Planet Earth conference chat system:

Peak Outlook:

1. I get an email from a client's sysadmin: "we had to change your username to [email protected]".
2. I save the username in my password file, and sit on it for a few days.
3. My old password doesn't work. No problem. I'll email Phil who informed me of the change. Search Outlook for [email protected] . No result. Search for "Phil". Found the email with that username in it.

You can't search for anything in Outlook.

PSA: Stop telling me to stay hydrated. It's a pretty basic reflex and it's not a problem. If I'm going to be walking or away from infrastructure, I take note of the weather and my surroundings, and carry water if I need it. This is a basic survival skill most of us haven't lost.

Angry Tech News #38: Iconic Faceprint will be recorded LIVE Tuesday at 10am left coast time, on the No Agenda Stream

So the story of the fire alarm in the warehouse.

Shop calls a trailer, we eventually find it parked in our inside (closed door) warehouse. Cody goes in, but hears the fire alarm and comes out to tell me

We go in, look around but no fire, but the alarm is still going off. I think we should call the fire department and let them deal with it. Cody says no, let's kick it up the chain to the shop supervisors since they are the highest rank around. Yeah ok, passing the buck is always reasonable. Fuck it I mean I don't care anyway.

He goes to shop and tells them what's going on. They have no idea what to do, so,

They start emailing people.

At 1:20am. :blobderphappy:

The alarm system contacted the fire department and the building engineer and it was just weather related false alarm.

So I learned that no one here has any idea what to do, and, if a problem comes up that I care about, it's up to be to figure it out.

Why there is a labor shortage

The boomers are retiring. Atlas Shrugged

The millennials either didn’t work or have bureaucratic “bullshit jobs”

Everyone is on zoom so you need to hire three people to do the work of one

Our economy has successfully crawled up its own asshole

Guys, I'm going to recommend not using Pleroma anymore. They are actively removing Soapbox compatibility features out of hatred towards me. It is no longer being developed by the original developers. The project is compromised.

If you'd like an alternative, I'm maintaining a fork at:

I checked in on Trump Social again.

For logged in users there is still no Local timeline, so you can't just wander around and discover any clique besides Trump sycophants. Therefore there are no cliques on this server except Trump sycophants.



I had to look this up. Man I forgot a lot

2000 AOL purchases TW for $185B
2015 Verizon purchases AOL for $4.4B
2018 ATT purchases TW for $85B
2021 Verizon offloads AOL and Yahoo for $5B

So this evening I found out a couple friend of ours has the WuFlu. This is the second couple of friends that have come down with the WuFlu this month.

Guess what - all four are double jabbed and boosted. Me and the keeper have zero jabs.

Yet the other four have gotten sick again.

And I'm the crazy one!

Oh, and the keepers sister is also double jabbed and boosted (lives in another state, no contact with us.) She also has gotten the wuflu several times.

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