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New Zealand now has a reusable rocket program, rocket go up, rocket parachute down, capture by helicopter, return to launch pad.

State Senator Melissa Menendez, who voted against it:

> In the health committee, where I heard this bill a few weeks ago, I asked them several questions about how this is going to work, none of which they can answer. So they don’t even know how it’s going to work. They just want to hurry up and state that they were going to do this and pay for women’s abortions, even though they have no idea how they’re going to do it other than taxpayers are going to pay for it.

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John Deere proudly remotely kills farm equipment bought by Russians. The only difference between these Russian owners and you on an American farm is politics.

Recognized someone on Libs of TikTok. Life achievement unlocked?

@roundy I love what you’ve written here! @surrealestate and I have a podcast and we just did an episode called “New Word Order”about how language influences culture.You can find it here
or any podcasting 2.0 app.Even if you don’t listen I really appreciate someone else who sees and understands how important language is! Would you mind if I incorporated some of your thoughts into the next episode about language?I will give you total credit for your brilliance!❤️

So this row vs Wade story seems like a BS leak to help get dems votes, right? No way rvw is getting overturned

FYI - here is some commentary about today's Dilbert.

More than one person noted the daily printed comic hides the joke (scroll down to see it).

I also don't understand how this is transphobic but what do I know.

BTW, a vote for republicans in the next election cycle is a vote for another plague or other scorched earth plan.

Louis Rossmann: I'm the self-appointed director of a right-to-repair lobbying non-profit, and I'm drunk. Let's livestream me walking 7 miles home!

He's got balls.

Early on in the video a viewer on the street recognizes him and Rossmann is quite pleasant to him.

80% of All US Dollars in Existence Have Been Printed in Just the Last Two Years

Thanks to the trillions of dollars the Federal Reserve has printed over the last two years, America is currently in an inflation crisis.

When recruiting for a project, take into consideration that potential staff comes in 2 varieties: "sprint style" and "marathon style".

Putting marathon workers on a short, quick, small scope project can be frustrating to management because these people are not quick to turn around work.

And sprint workers will quickly burn themselves out on long form projects or lose interest in the concepts when going beyond the first phase of work.

Choose wisely and understand the project you are staffing.

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