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My wife ordered groceries from bezosworld, including a 12-pack of ginger ale.

I got 11 cans of drink and 1 can of whatever gas they pack it with. Is this a new form of grocery shrinkage?

Jordan Peterson is angry.

> Do I Believe in God, COVID Totalitarianism & the Climate | Jordan Peterson | POLITICS | Rubin Repo..

Today I learned…

The question of whether or not it's legal for a 17 year old to carry a gun in Kenosha, Wisconsin WENT TO TRIAL. And was dismissed with a statement from the judge in the Rittenhouse trial today.

How the fuck can that even be a question on the table?

Do what I demand, or else I'll blast shrapnel into my chest!
- stock photo in a dumb Ars Technica article

I just minutes ago found out that yet a THIRD neighbor has died from a heart attack after being jabbed. She is one of SEVEN post-jab deaths in my neighborhood AND NOBODY BUT ME IS CONNECTING THE DOTS. (The other four were one cancer, one liver failure, the other two unknown since I never met them or their families and only became aware of their deaths when I saw their families cleaning out their apartments). How is it that nobody is putting this together?!

Chinese don't give a fuck anymore. They know that we know they harvest organs and now they're shoving it in our fucking faces. Daring other countries to do something about it. Fucking disgusting. This is why don't buy things made in China.

It's finally happened. My fortune cookie fortune has an ad on the back. They're now advertisement cookies. Surprised this didn't happen sooner.

Also, try KDE 5 Plasma, says Distrotube. Not many people are using it but it's a good desktop environment.

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Distrotube comments on why Linus Sebastian is having such a bad public Linux desktop newbie experience and why no one is switching to Linux this year. In 2008 and 2011 KDE and Gnome destroyed themselves, and since then most Linux distros have been trying to put patches on Gnome to make their desktop usable, when it seems now like everyone should stopped trying to work with Gnome years ago. Gnome has made it clear they don't want to work with anyone outside the project.

Holy shit, in a lawsuit filed against our county's student mask mandate, the county is seeking dismissal because:

"There is no direct requirement imposed on students - it is imposed on educational institutions. And since the county isn't imposing it directly on students, it can't reasoned that the student's can't be "injured" by the county."

These people are fucking sociopaths.

I moved from New York City proper to Jersey City in 2020.

So TWO cities are calling and texting me every week to get more jabs.

@melodiousowls and others in New York City: What's the reality of the "Papers, please!" law in the city? (I actually live in Jersey City.)

I'm interested in buying a phone for sale by owner in Astoria, in a couple of days. If we meet in Starbucks or Dunkin is the store actually going to demand my vaccine card?

In this week's Angry Tech News from @SirBemrose , you will learn how a clock that can't set itself can be part of your information security strategy.

I guess Angry Tech News is on an 8 day cycle. I need to get used to this.

Trying to keep low-quality deadbeat immigrants out by locking down the borders is a losing proposition. Firstly, border control is not particularly effective. Secondly, it also keeps out the kind of immigrants you'd want - smart people looking for freedom and opportunity and willing to work hard.

No, the solution, as with most economic problems, is to fix the incentives. Don't want deadbeat immigrants? Stop incentivizing them. Stop giving handouts to everyone that crosses the border.

I am seeking instructional material on LibreOffice Base -- want to learn to use it for ad hoc database projects.

I almost want to buy this book for sure just based on its cover. Look at that facial expression. Also is that Lightfoot? :^)

They might call for a "recount" in the New Jersey governor election, where most people voted on fake voting machines that have no record at all except battery-backed RAM. What the fuck are you going to recount? If the election is close, it is illegitimate.

Anti-vaccine-mandate idea for businesses: pay someone under the table to keep a box stocked in front of your door with a stack of hand-written vaccine cards with random lot numbers and jab locations. Just take a card and fill in your name.

Clown world bonus: a whole fake ID printing machine next to the stack of vaccine cards.

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