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Clown world.

New York: New York County, Westchester County, and Dutchess County court houses: you must wear two masks.

"… but a lot of people are wondering WHY did the power go out [in Texas]. This is where it gets political." - Tim Pool

Was absolute monarchy really all that bad?

i feel personally attacked by this Homestar Screen.

Which reminds me, it has been over a month since @CSB passively-aggressively doodled me doing something dumb!

I know clicking "No thanks" will move me to the front of the line for the re-education camps, but I'm hoping to get first pick of the top bunks.

These fucking pundits.

He opens the video with a statement about how Facebook is harmful, and he didn't publish it on YouTube because he'd get cancelled.

And he ended the video with "Here's my facebook and twitter" with icons and names, because it's understood what the icons mean.

Setup a fucking Squarespace site, FFS!

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Black Pigeon / Navyhato: use acid microdosing in the morning to cure Facebag addiction. (This is not the advice of a medical professional.)

This just in: The overall maintenance state of your body affects how you react to viruses.

You don't say.

The evil scam site's "recommendation" algo gave me a useful video from a year ago:

> VPN Companies Are Lying To You

A veteran scambaiter who really just wants to make the Internet a little safer for noobs explains why most popular VPNs are lying in their advertising. That VPN endorsed by your favorite explainers and pundits is making FALSE CLAIMS in their ad.

Share this with the impressionable noobs. 12 minutes, Kitboga.

'Member when, for like 10 years, Opera was the only browser where "disable popup windows == true" actually disabled popup windows?

It's like that now with "disable auto-play media", except I'm not aware of any browser where this works on all MSM newsshit sites.

Two years to slow the spread.

> Biden Team Says Lockdown Until Early Winter, COVID Lab Leak Hypothesis Gaining Mainstream Traction

A while back I had a guy introduce himself...
He told me his name, followed by "I have over 1000 followers on facebook, you should look me up".

This is new to me. Dunkin is calling their phone orders . I'm sure an app and privacy violation are involved. N.B. this is not MY order. I ordered at the counter like a good superspreader.

The last few years of public discourse have taught me to understand why OTG loaners sometimes get really confrontational and "fight or flight" when someone unexpected enters their domain.

Like, "I'm out here alone because I couldn't take any more of your bullshit. Now wtf do you want?"

Apple hardware:

"You can fix it … if we say so. Only if we say so. Fuck you slave."

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