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Updated my profile blurb for 2020.

> IT programmer named Brendan Kidwell. In Gitmo Nation: I run GitmoList and Pintsize. Much of the information shared on this profile is disputed and misleading.

CNN might be up for sale. Suggestion from @NetNed in the DH unplugged Chat Room: What if TRUMP bought it?

That would be too delicious to believe.

@NICKtheRAT @IllumiNadia Do you all have an RSS feed, web site, and alternate hosting location for "The Origin of Things and Stuff"?

In the last few months, due to political reasons, I have deleted all my YouTube subscriptions and stopped following YouTube suggestions. Now I only ever watch YouTube videos if I see someone share something with a "this supports my position" kind of message.

Mp3s or something hosted elsewhere would be nice.


Watch @IllumiNadia explain the PCR test so that you can argue like you know wtf you're talking about.

If you haven’t already seen it, here’s the PCR episode I said I would do!! Enjoy!

> The next Windows PC you buy could come with an advanced security co-processor that will protect your data from being stolen by hackers.

You're wrong.

We all probably have seen the schadenfreude comedy that is , but I've got a question for @shebang as someone involved in trucking:

Is it "a common mistake" for a driver to not know the height and mass of their vehicle, and/or miss all the warning signs and flashing lights? … or are these incidents mostly caused by idiots who should never be allowed on the road?

Interesting exchange among my friends - a coronabro and a buddy who is a physician at this hospital.

Random bitching:

All USA microwave ovens are hopelessly inferior design, lacking a simple "power level" knob and "timer" knob with an "engage" button.

Also, I can't figure out how the hell to set the clock between noon and midnight, on the microwave oven in my kitchen.

I feel like I'm the only one who really internalized "this lock-up is forever" over the summer.

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> CNN Says Christmas Is CANCELED, Fauci Says NEW Lockdown Will Last FOR A YEAR, Start Preparing

Tim Pool

He quotes the Man: "Normality may not be possible until Q3 2021".

Yeah, and we needed 2 weeks to slow the spread.

So apparently a big cold front and wind storm hit a big chunk of USA last night. I searched "news" in DDG and I looked at All I can find are pictures of upset property and walls of text.

Can the MSM not even produce a map, graph, or animation to summarize the storm? Even just a GIF of 24 hours of radar, attached conveniently to a news story? I guess not.

Wuhan Flu // Lockdown mortality

TWTR: EthicalSkeptic

Not one media outlet
Not one govmt org
Not one 'science' group

None of them are publishing this chart. You can disagree with its numerics... But if you do not publish at least your own version, at this level of accountability, then you are part of the lie.

Apparently, some "point of no return" climate catastrophe paper came out.

"Climate scientists" have issued a rebuttal. And Soylent News (mostly orthodox news) blogged it.


Tim Pool: How do I report THE NEWS, when there's two different realities and they don't even overlap anymore?

Michael Malice: Yeah, isn't it glorious?

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Y'all listen to Alex Jones on Tim Pool's show yet? (3h40m)

It's like a frenetic Joe Rogan episode where everyone is baked, except no one is baked and half the time what they're saying is making sense.

You'll need some caffeine to get through this.

@Johncdvorak If this is the case, this should really be his official Presidential photo.

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