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ITM y'all! 'Rona fatigue officially stinks. Thank goodness tomorrow is another show day. Here's a little something from the NA Animation Studios from the last episode.

TYFYC! xoxo

cc: @adam @Johncdvorak

@SirSpencer Zoom is CCP spyware. don't use it. uninstall it. fuck CCP. yellow nazis

New poll posted on the General board. Appreciate everyone's feedback for the future plans for the BBS.

It took me a long time, but I am finally retracting my prediction from years ago.

I thought that in spite of Hyperloop bullshit, Musk would deliver live humans to Mars, before Musk dies.

I think it's more likely Musk will be ruined by all of this failed scams coming back to haunt him and ruin him, before he gets anything to Mars.

I hope SpaceX survives, anyway.

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"The roof is on fire!"

Solar City is a scam built by Musk to sell to Tesla, pretty much for Musk's own profit.

Part 1 : 23 minutes :
Part 2 : 24 minutes :

Several people have posted here asking how best to screw with the text message campaigners. This is the best example I've seen yet.

This should not exist.

> Gitmoji is an emoji guide for GitHub commit messages. Aims to be a standarization cheatsheet - guide for using emojis on GitHub's commit messages.

I blame the asshats who decided it'd be a good idea ensure that text widgets everywhere in computers render emoji with colored glyphs.

Are you sick of the swamp and don't want to be berated for not voting?

Send a tiny message of support to one of the third parties, maybe. At least one of them doesn't look like they will die in office.

Jersey City Board of Education election, on my ballot:

Vote for 3: 6 official candidates and/or 3 write-ins. The 6 candidates are split across two "parties" (brand names).

Party 1 put out a press release announcing their candidates. Then they put out a press release bashing the other party.

Party 2 put out no press releases.

Party 1 and Party 2 do not have web sites, nor do their candidates.

I can't vote for anyone who hasn't spent $12/month to put up a flyer on Squarespace.

Summary of today's debate:

1. They're actually all three letting each other speak.
2. My side did SO much better than the other side. I mean, I can't even believe anyone is still on the wrong side.

Harris just name dropped, or called out Zoom, in the debate.

Don't forget, everyone: ZOOM is CHINA!

Listening to my company's Code of Conduct annual training. This is usually presented as slides with audio recorded by most of the suits in our HR department.

This year proves it's really them. Everyone has a different kind of bad audio. :^( It's listenable though.

My company should offer hardware kits and training for important speakers working at home.

Check us out tonight at 6 pm Eastern US live on ABS 'N A 6-PACK for a little Vice Presidential Debate pre-gaming!

@Bishop @sirseatsitter

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