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Tim Pool:
> Pentagon Consultant Says "Off World Vehicles" Not From Earth Exist, Internet EXPLODES

Well, yeah, those moon nazis aren't sitting around doing nothing.

Fuck it, let's go with a senile puppet next time just for the lulz.

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All of the recent USA presidents, campaigning to get elected: "we're not the world's police."

After election: "bomb them!"

A bot is erasing poorly-secured databases and leaving the calling card "meow" but the real story is that a Hong Kong VPN known for not storing logs was storing logs.

If you can't prove a claim like that physically, assume it's untrue.

Jury service by Zoom.

No no no no no. It took the board of directors of New York Amateur Computer Club a month to learn to have a private board meeting on Zoom with no shouting and actually resolving agenda items.

This is not a valid way to conduct a jury.

@adam @NICKtheRAT that was a great interview! Loved listening to the two of you going back and forth.

I think I have an unwritten personal rule to never attend company "brown bag" lunches where the whole description is Business English gobbledygook with no action words.

> So, the country is being led by a essentially a digital reproduction of Kamela Harris -- what she used to look like. And I think it's powered by AI.

You want to host shit at home? Don't worry about IPs or NAT. Use things like TOR hidden services and other mechanisms that give us a layer over IP that *we* control.

As a bonus you don't have to pay for domains either.
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> Twitter soft-launches its new application programming interface, and in the process demonstrates conclusively that advertising on the platform absolutely does not work. […] Hackernews thinks that any attack on Twitter must be part of a grand multinational conspiracy designed to subvert the course of human history, instead of the natural outcome of an absentee CEO hiring a few thousand webshits and disappearing back into a yacht club.

Bloody hell. This was meant to be a PM to @SmashCast but it doesn't have to be.

Context: this happened in 2019. We're all fine now.

cc @danieljsummers

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First day we had our current cat, adopted from a shelter: she sneaked out through our apartment door and was lost and hidden in the tower's stairwell / hallway, or she got out into the courtyard and hid for a while and then someone let her back into our outer hallway.

She was missing for 30 hours and we were heartbroken. Becca woke up early in the morning hearing her crying at our apartment door.

Circumstantial evidence shows that the Twitter kerfuffle of last week was motivated only by fleecing people for bitcoins, nothing political. Just a bunch of assfuck bottom-feeders.

I found this 12 minute video looking at some of the bullshit coming out of SpaceX about their Mars plans, linked by Google from the Thunderf00t video @noagendashowvideo and I just discussed.

In the opening salvo: "Some of the robotic instrument-only missions launching to Mars in 2020 have been planning for years. SpaceX is going to send a cargo mission to Mars in 2022 and a manned mission to Mars in 2024, and they don't even have demonstration vehicles yet."

Watch it before YouTube's broken immune system kills it off for talking about a controversial topic. :^)

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Thunderf00t calls a TV talking head an idiot, and explains why wearing a mask slows the spread of the plague.

I'm not going to defend either side of the argument here, but if you're reading this in my circles, it's somewhat likely you already believe strongly that the mandatory masks policy is bunk. Watch this for a different perspective so you UNDERSTAND the best the opposing side has to offer.

@SDF I played a lot of oregon trail back in the day. :D

I mentioned this on my guest spot on Grumpy Old Bens with @darrenoneill ... orchestras solved gender bias with blind auditions, but now some are calling to end the practice because too many white people are passing the audition.

cc @SirBemrose

@CarBlanez33 I heard you mention on the show maybe going to a naturist park "north of here". Do it! The owner is awesome and the park is awesome. I listen to his podcast and I know someone who knows him. I haven't been there though.

Listen to a few episodes and it'll be clear you'll love the experience there.

Let me know if you have any questions, or just email them if you want.

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