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The one thing that's hard to observe accurately myself -- main motivation for getting an actual tracking device -- is sleep cycles.

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I looked at "How can you prevent an Android app from using the network" and the answer is basically "not unless you built the OS yourself from parts."

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OTG freaks: is there a "fitness tracker" that makes all of its data available via USB or a MicroSD card or Bluetooth file sharing, and does not requite you to install an "app" to get the data owned by you? Or even display the most important data points onscreen only?

I'm motivated to start recording some vital stats and food and stuff. For a tracker bracelet, I absolutely will not install a telemetry device's app.

Digital calendar / time-keeping systems aren't quite messy enough. Let's add this rule.

Two things that pundits on MSNBC know to be true:

1) President Trump is an "existential threat"

2) It's a special kind of existential threat that disguises itself for the first four years as a continuous flow of good news.


Full-List of bots:

All media makes you stupid.

I like Black Pigeon / Navyhato. But wtf is this?! 38 seconds of wordless intro with a black hooded hacker stereotype typing in Nano, with unsynchronized keyboard sounds from a mushy tall Keytronics-like keyboard that doesn't sound like the laptop in the video.

Using that as filler while talking could be ignored, but wtf am I doing for 38 seconds waiting for you to introduce the topic?!

My company's nanny DNS provider and I have different views of what is a legitimate safe web site. This is infuriating.

Urban Dictionary isn't politically correct. This allows it to be ecumenical and agile. Vloggers use it ALL THE TIME to figure out what the hell someone is saying.

I detest when new outfits bring in “policy experts” to talk on topics. Like the cybersecurity policy expert in the NPR story on the Iowa caucus app from last month. Listening to her soundbyte you can tell she doesn’t know a Diffie-Hellman from an elliptic curve. A policy expert knows policy, not the nuts and bolts. They’re the equivalent of “awareness campaigns” in the charitable organization scene.

@darrenoneill you are an asset to the No Agenda network. Please keep doing what you're doing.

You make radio sound easy, and it's easy to listen to your shows.

Animated No Agenda - Wuhan Flu *AHEM* Coronavirus Explainer

From Episode 1213 of the No Agenda Show with Adam Curry and John C Dvorak. Special thanks to the Producer responsible for the Wuhan Flu jingle! (If it is you...

Benny Johnson asked a few of the "tens of left wing protesters" at Capitol Hill how they morally judge some political moves in Star Wars 1.

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I used to watch a lot of Dave Rubin, and I like him, but… I don't understand what I just watched.

> Exposing Trump Protester's Ignorance With Star Wars (Pt. 1)| Benny Johnson | POLITICS | Rubin Repo.. -- 10 minutes

C-SPAN: what do you all think of Pelosi's stunt?

A number of anon Democrats called in to say "that's it. I'm out."

Tim Pool, 21 minutes

Spinster (and other corners of the Internet) sees occasional blow-ups over “Political Lesbianism.” People have said some…colorful things about me in relation to this issue. In case anyone wants to know what I actually think (rather than what other people say I think), I wrote about it here:

Never mentioned the impeachment.
Never mentioned Mueller.
Never mentioned Hillary or Bernie.

Winning gracefully.

@progo @dcgirl There are 1,678 precincts in Iowa. I assume that the DNC has the name and phone number of every single caucus organiser. Print off the list with say 50ppl per page, thats 33 pages (ding ding ding). Get 33 people to start calling those numbers. write down the results in a fucking excel spreadsheet. Could be done within a couple of hours.

In the State of the Union speech tonight, Trump will announce his intent to sell Vermont to Canada. He's afraid of going against Sanders in the general election, and Canada is elated to acquire Sanders.

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