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@CSB Unfortunately that's only possible with positive identification and contracts and all kinds of shit most people don't want on the Internet.

@CSB and my suggestion is only a partial solution, essentially giving up anonymity.

You can't stop someone from recording their screen.

@CSB if we are concerned about this, the solution is to have an inner circle of moderators -- we'll probably have to move off Jitsi to gain actual admin functions. The moderators will have to individually vet all callers until they're signed up as a full user.

Do we want this?


J'ai pas compris pourquoi les personnages sont habillés en personnel soignant par contre.

@SirBemrose has all the answers for how to fix USA health care, on today's Grumpy Old Bens with @darrenoneill .

@MartinJJ nothing burger nothing burger nothing burger! LA LA LA I'M NOT LISTENING!

@AbleKirby where did I mention it? I think I brought it up last Thursday night on Hog Story, with @CarBlanez33 and @Lennoxxreverb .

> Independent freeform radio broadcasting at 91.1 and 91.9 fm in New Jersey and New York City, and at 90.1 and 91.9 fm in the Hudson Valley [and BROADCASTING ONLINE]

@progo shout out to WFMU! I heard seven second delay randomly while driving through and was hooked. Used to listen all the time.

@AndrewTheGreat My takeaway: @PhoneBoy was engaged until @CreamSeparatist started in on the ad hominem attacks. This thread is dead.


@progo @PakkonenCT @CSB But can we be done with this covid nonsense after all the ballots have been cast? There will be no further point in showing how terrible everything is and how it is all the other guy's fault, and we can get everything back on track.

We might know a generally agreed result of the election by January. There will be much politicking and fighting before them. It is not over next week.

@PhoneBoy @DrChris @AndrewTheGreat No way I'm voting for Biden, but I'm super impressed with his performance in the debates, compared to what I'd been conditioned to expect.

I'm voting against Trump because of his shit show in the first debate, and because he thinks international politics trumps free the right to free speech in the WeChat case, and because of other reasons.

I'm voting for Jo Jorgensen because the platform is right, and it sends a tiny message to her party.

@CSB Thank You For Your Courage! You will be notified when a bat signal is received.

I did it. Removed all YouTube feeds I had in TinyTinyRss. It's a bloody PITA to add them back, so I'm not likely to fall back soon.

As soon as the family Roku is idle for a moment I'm logging out of YouTube on that too.

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> Exercising One Arm has Twice the Benefits

I can't stop myself from thinking there's a toobin joke in here somewhere.

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