@IceCubeSoup @Therealdcgirl @GWFF especially since the two existing fully-featured browsers (both owned by Google) removed support for … rendering RSS as a page!

@IceCubeSoup @Therealdcgirl @GWFF LOL. But anonymous web pages are common courtesy for people who haven't subscribed yet. :^b

@PhoneBoy @levisan @willcodeforcoffee @dustinthewind it's easy to call all these rules silly, but I understand the intent of resetting your mind and body every week.

@PhoneBoy @levisan @willcodeforcoffee @dustinthewind
When I'm doing allowed browsing (but not touching my shopping cart) at B&H Photo on the Sabbath, am I speaking to the server instead of writing? It looks like writing in the search box, to me.

@PhoneBoy @levisan @willcodeforcoffee @dustinthewind These rules need an update for the information technology age, and another one after the coming AI age.

> Thus, the fridge light should be disconnected before Shabbat by unscrewing the bulb slightly and a freezer whose fan is activated when the door is opened may not be used.

So, the fridge can't do any turning on and off of lights for you?

So, Smashcast is back, with @Therealdcgirl and @GWFF . Huh. And it's 1h46m long.

Can't link to an episode home page. Seems to be RSS only.

RSS: smashcast.squarespace.com/smas
Latest episode mp3: podserve.fm/episodes/59616/10- - topic: Porn

@SirBemrose NJ Transit is brilliant. Nothing on the street signage or bulletin boards at transit hubs tells you how much you have to pay -- at what point your trip passes into a second fare zone. The only way to find this information is a barely-functioning archive of ready-to-print-but-never-printed PDF files. I get the general impression from all of their communication that they don't want riders unless you're in a rural area and you have no other choices.

@SirBemrose wait so the only indication there might be of where the bus is going is what street it's on now? That doesn't work at exchange points.

@SirBemrose 'member when the LED signs on a bus told you where it was going in case you didn't know the route number?

@Cosmic I got a $240 Staples chair whose entire load-supporting surface is a polymer mesh. Cat resistant.

It's like sitting on a cloud, after years of mistreating myself with random whatever shit I found on the street or at yard sales.

I have no idea what they called it. It is a sitting-work chair.

@obihahn what about that mass shooting in the NYC subway … oh the shooter was black. NM.

@Mummabear it's magic. I know human scale magnetic fields aren't an issue. Heat probably is. I think there's some decay mechanism that's roughly faster than eteched plastic (I'm not talking about writeable optical discs here) or inked paper. I was asking who knows the shelf life of verified data on an SD card.

A couple of years ago I found on The Pirate Bay "Northern Exposure" in Blu-Ray 1080p format from the UK retail market with ORIGINAL BROADCAST MUSIC! Woo!

I tried to convert this to DVD Video for my mom and my sister, and had trouble with muxing in the caption tracks I downloaded from elsewhere.

Lesson finally learned tonight: "ERR: procremap encountered unknown subtitle command: 74" in DVD Styler probably means your mpeg2 input isn't DVD-Video spec. Doh! Now I can continue, anyway.

For archiving stuff long-term in cold storage, SD cards are cheaper in bulk gigabytes than write-once Blu-Ray discs.

If you verify an SD card after you write it, will it last for years on the shelf?

Will this be the year the system collapses?

Oh he did hand it over to hackers. He sent an image of the data track of a used disc to his Discord…

"Within a day, we learned that the 'password' is stored… on the disc." Readable.

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