Missed headline of the year.
Epoch Times

Correct headline:
Can Lithium Lift the Salton Sea out of Depression?

Moronic Variant report: We're back to wearing masks on the street in Jersey City. My preferred fast food chicken place's staff still won't put up a mask sign or wear masks.

@techknowlogical hmm. It's not quite 1980s Eastern Bloc chich, but … in another six months the fancy logos will come down and that'll do it.

Louis Rossmann: 2 articles side-by-side in Bloomberg say "the moronic variant is VERY MILD" and "there will be severe severe severe consequences if we don't shut everything down and panic."

> When pressed by a reporter, Biden qualified his statement saying that "if people are vaccinated and wear their mask, there’s no need for lockdown," adding that top federal health officials believe the current vaccines can provide at least some protection against the Omicron variant.

If you'd just put out, I wouldn't have to hit you so much.

Am I the only one reading it this way?

@ScottALavender @DrChris I've seen « "masks required" » signs on store fronts.

Opinion 1: Grammar is degrading. Opinion 2: Grammar is whatever syntax is in common usage. :^)

@DrChris you can't get users to pay to use a social network function that another service gives for free.

Doesn't matter what the concern is -- spam control or encryption and friend authentication key management or supporting free software. If all users have to pay for a service, the masses will opt for some other service that's free.

@alex @matrix Throughout my school time I was always told that you can't cite any encyclopedia because its function is to summarize and link to other things. You were supposed to read the primary source you found in the encyclopedia and cite the primary source.

Same for old Britannica as for Wikipedia.

Good luck arguing with school administration about whether or not a "Journal of Social Justice" is a "scholarly" source.

Maturing means realizing that your high school teacher was right about Wikipedia

@CSB @Therealdcgirl that QR code is so fat I can't decode it form here. Probably has the date and time and TV market name in it. If you're watching over HTTP it might even have your person ID in it.

Goldman Sachs calls the Party's bluff.
> Sachs Slams Omicron Panic: 'Mutation Is Unlikely to Be More Malicious'
Epoch Times: archive.ph/8Jmh7

@cgarison watch for shutting down the economy again and this time actually commandeering all residential and commercial spaces where tenants can't pay rent.

Looking at the Epoch Times newspaper home page right now. Above the fold, they have SIX whole CATEGORIES of special coverage of … bad news.

I don't blame them, but let this be a reminder to everyone: Be careful how you interact with the newsfeeds. Read stories dispassionately. Take days off if you have to. If the world does end, you're not going to stop it so you might as well try to be in a good mood.

Focus your energy on what you can do for yourself to be happy.

@cgarison @Smeeagain I assumed this was something else entirely to play out THIS MONTH. Like stealing an election but something different.

@cgarison @Smeeagain good observation. They're preparing to do something LIKE stealing an election, likely.

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