In the Azores you can pay for a ride on a 2-seat ultralight airplane mounted on a dinghy. Take off and land on water.

"In what may be a shocking development, which might not actually shock anyone…"
- Tim Pool

Funny. One of my goals of the past few years is to remain unknown and uncancelable.

This is wordy and nerdy, but one cool takeaway you have to remember is: the colors you perceive are strongly dependent on your WORDS for colors.

Let that sink in. How much of your world is affected by the words you're allowed to use?

@coldacid @Viking @Sabex I'm not a Commodore fanboy, but I learned to read so I could control my C64 and the learned to code on the C64.

☑ I have no idea, and it was less than a month ago.

@shebang @Sabex 4:3 is the one true display shape. I want a LAPTOP with 4:3.

@shebang I'm still gonna try setting it up some time.

I started logging eating and body weight and stuff in a spreadsheet, on two computers, using Syncthing. It's been a week and I already got a sync conflict due to "save; quit; shutdown" and causing it to miss syncing.

LibreOffice online might be better, for me.

@Sabex @shebang Yep. LCD is better ONLY because it's so much less mass.

@dave @shebang @Sabex anyway I don't really care. I use all old software and games in an emulator, with a gated pixel electronic display (LCD or OLED) and I want nothing more complicated. :^)

@dave @shebang @Sabex No, I was thinking more like, a excited phosphor surface and some kind of energy source, but NOT a big vacuum space housed inside a heavy metal shell with all that weight.

Maybe like a desktop version of those compact living room CRTs with the electron guns on the bottom, reflecting off the back, and not a lot of depth front to back?

@shebang @Sabex I wonder if anyone's tried to make a display that is not a standard OLED or LCD panel, weighs a lot less than a CRT, and LOOKS like a CRT. There's probably a market for it due to the massive possible weight difference.

@slimeblob @alex Joe Rogan is a light in the dark. I don't have the energy for more than an hour or two a week of him, but I like how he runs his show.

@alex @slimeblob Ask me anything, if that's what you mean. Lurk in the chat room for a few days. It's a bit hard to get the pulse of a community by looking at its fediverse node's firehose, I think.

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