Imprecise. I think they mean to say this is the longest shortest walking path between two points. If you had more waypoints your walk could be immensely longer.

Let me know how it goes. Is this midi controller related to pitch input from a guitar or other audio samples? Or is it something else? I'm only vaguely familiar with physical midi devices and connections.

One dumb trick I want to try with my guitar eventually is running it through some kind of pitch input program to feed note insert commands into MuseScore. My wife often has me transcribing stuff from paper or PDF images into MuseScore files for her.

@Pendragon I bought a guitar this weekend, btw. Haven't touched one for like 20 years.

@Pendragon get off social media and read old books or play your guitar.

@mysticgeek why are there stories about this? There have been armed soldiers in the New York Port Authority Bus Terminal's main concourse, on and off for 20 years. They all have rifles on shoulder straps. Are they NOT authorized to use the rifles if needed?

> EU regulator: Hackers ‘manipulated’ stolen vaccine documents

Notably absent from the story:
* what information was changed
* the word "falsified"


@PhoneBoy I think that's like when you have a portfolio web site and assholes email you wanting to write "guest articles" on it.

Well, if we could weather control a cyclone or two we could at least flush the swamp once.

It's true: a close friend of mine here has a couple of neighbors (married) who are all-in on QAnon.

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I logged out all my devices from NAS last night, to take a break.

Couldn't resist connecting for a minute to do one thing. I just got this line from a Pool video and I thought it'd look good in my profile name:

> Twitter banned, cancelled 70,000 QAnon and QAnon adjacent

I am now "progo QAnon adjacent in NYC".

@isaac Orwell foretold this.

And the insane thing is that the proles think MAGA was Nineteen Eighty-Four.

@Dan_Ramos In a few years, assuming lock-ups continue as they are now, USPS will have to start halting accepting parcels for a few days at a time so they can unload the backlog.

@Mummabear @MrTWatson

I've been chatting with her this month and I realized that she can teach me about living in an insane world. "The world is insane. YOU have to deal with it." -- this is a useful framing device.

@Mummabear @MrTWatson
I have a friend who spent a good chunk of 2019 mostly insane. She's said that at the time she often felt it was the external world which was insane and not working right. She had to develop coping mechanisms for that. She refused anti-psychotic meds due to her negative risk assessment of them, quit her job, and has managed to put herself back together. (Medicated people: that was NOT a suggestion!)

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