Addendum: both parties to this interview demonstrate that NXIVM doesn't fit the criteria for a cult. Clyne claims members aren't isolated from the real world or prevented from quitting -- many have quit and not come back.

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The leader of the NXIVM sex cult was convicted of sex trafficking. In the same trial he was convicted on a false charge of CP possession based the contents of a hard drive that was altered by an unknown person for an unknown reason while it was in the FBI's possession, according to sworn cross-examination testimony. Clearly a kangaroo court.

Sentencing should be done by today or tomorrow.

Scott Adams interviews Nicki Clyne, a member of the cult and former actor.

@dave @Sabex what's this Cyberpunk thing? Another vaporware like Duke Nukem Forever Late?

@the0ther suits me. Owning a washer and dryer is a PITA. Going to one of many nearby laundromats that compete for value, results, and cleanliness seems like the optimal solution for me in a dense city.

@Mummabear @Sabex what? This was COMMON, on phones with Bluetooth?

1) When will vendors ever learn and get security even half-assed right?
2) In this climate, how are these cars delivered as robots+computers you don't really control even remotely acceptable?!

@macha @nina

> Social media makes it so easy for the virtuous to hurl insults at others who fail the impossible purity tests.

Ha ha. That's not virtue. But I don't think you meant to say it is virtue.

@nina I can still prefer not to buy Disney things and call it a happy medium. And I wish Cosby hadn't turned out to be evil.

@nina I think if I felt the other way, I'd be morally obliged to leave the room every time a product of Disney is shared.

@nina thank you for the illustration.

I wasn't sure if it's okay to still love Bill Cosby's ancient stand up comedy recordings.

I'm gonna say yes, now. And I'll unashamedly cite quotes when one of his bits resonates with a discussion. :^b

Don't think he would have made the paper if he was chubby. 🤣🤣🤣
Dad tries to shop in pants after clothes deemed 'non-essential' in Wales

@Sabex JOBIDEN RAPED A SUBORDINATE IN WASHINGTON, IN THE 90S. No one cares, unfortunately.

Harris used it against him in a debate, until she got picked to be his running mate.

@PakkonenCT @Sabex I haven't got worked up about it because in the 2016 cycle, Scott Adams trained me well to ignore things that don't matter.

@Sabex yes but can you measure its effect on voting? :^)

@CSB @darrenoneill @SirBemrose I think GoB and the Troll Room agreed CSB can have chapters if CSB makes the chapter marks. Not much else, I think.

@CSB you don't fight with Google. You use YouTube's DMCA claim form to make a claim. It's been agreed that massive forums handle the first steps of DMCA copyright violation complaints themselves without courts.

You have the option of appealing to courts if it can't be resolved between the alleged violator, the complainant, and the forum. But you don't start with courts and lawyers.

@CSB I don't know how the EU handles this exactly, but I am sure (and I'm not a lawyer):

1. You own all of the words you said in the recording, including the audio and video embodiment of it.
2. Because you are a person and because the recording exist, you have copyright; it's automatic.
3. It's being used on YouTube without your permission.
4. This is a copyright violation.

@CSB I can confidently say YouTube can't make it any easier.

If you want consequences, make a complaint.

@CSB I think you can legitimately DMCA the video if it's on YouTube. You'll probably have to completely identify yourself to them. And make sure you know what you're doing, even if the record companies don't.

If you DMCA a page on an American site, you are swearing as a matter of court procedure that you have standing and the complaint is legitimate.

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