@noagendashowvideo I'm like 80% no, 20% why the fuck not. My supervisor, based in Cambridge, MA, is encouraging me to take time off so we don't have a vacation tsunami Q4 (January to March).

@noagendashowvideo I went to an actual cabaret show with boxed dinners on a community center porch, a couple of weeks ago. Better than nothin'.

So here's the plan: cheap same-day round trip to Boston Logan Airport, plastic face shield, cotton mask, Biden sticker, and pussy hat. Lyft to the diner, eat on the sidewalk. Might have to improvise -- they may have taken away the benches. Head home.

Can "I want to go to a specific diner" be essential travel? Can I travel from New Jersey to Boston, and come back?

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If I ever see Boston again, I want Veggie Galaxy breakfast.

*sigh :^(

This is an interesting messenger:


It addresses one of my key complaints with Signal regarding centralization by making your user account a Tor onion v3 address and running a hidden service on your device, which other users connect to to chat. No one is in charge and you don't have to trust anyone. There are no centralized servers.

Pretty cool idea! Tor is basically bulletproof and sounds like a damn good foundation for new secure protocols.

Seems to be in early development but the concept is cool.

BLM Rioters Awarded Nobel Peace Prize

“Every thrown brick, every bloodied citizen, and every burned-down low-income housing community represents another step toward world peace."

@wizzwizz4 I went with "you need a USB keyboard" because I assumed it's fairly likely any one audience member has the TV nowhere near the one uplink device with Ethernet ports on it.

@wizzwizz4 If anyone asks "but what about…" at the end of the live presentation, then we can talk about it.

@wizzwizz4 Yeah, this all makes sense and it's not far from "how I would do it". Just remember, my audience for the blog post and in particular my live presentation tonight is a local "amateur computer club" whose board of directors spent 3 separate 1 hours calls trying to figure out how to have a meeting and successfully work through agenda items using Zoom. :^)

@wizzwizz4 Noted. Thanks. I was trying to keep it as simple as possible for newbies, and I fell back on "well you just need a keyboard".

The Retro Pie manual said I could create files "ssh" and "wifikeyfile.txt" in /boot (which is formatted FAT32, compatible with Windows). I tried that. I even tried making the .txt file have Windows line endings. It didn't work. I never tried it for the FIRST boot from freshly-extracted OS image, though.

I'm giving a talk about RetroPie tonight. Anyone want to sanity-check the blog post I'm presenting from?


I finished it at the eleventh hour, just now, of course. That's how writing works.

Attend the talk if you're interested. (You'll have to email me and get the Zoom meeting ID, later today.)


Plague radio: I'm listening to WFMU over the air with a ancient pocket FM radio, and I'm hearing dropouts. Reason: internet trouble, and the DJ is at home.

Mozilla and the Firefox project have been dead to me since the Mr. Robot debacle where they taught users that if your system behaves like it has a malware infection it might be just an ad installed by a trusted vendor.

For now I use Waterfox which depends on Firefox (it's a tracking/following fork) but has Mozilla and Google services removed.

Does Norway extradite to USA? I thought he was on the lam from our shadow government. His behavior, as usual, doesn't add up.

If @MoeFactz with @adam taught me anything it is that Joe Biden picked Kamala Harris to get the white vote, not the black vote.

How plain are they? Some cheap ass backpacks can have negative value after you use them and hurt yourself or your stuff.

@bifpowell So, Biden is going to stop functioning in the next few weeks?

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