> Denmark's national broadcaster launches children's cartoon about a man with the world's longest penis, who uses it to steal ice cream and fly like a helicopter and light a barbecue.

Uhm... I wanna say "clown world" but that doesn't quite capture my reaction.

Count Dankula, 11 minutes.

Are you a Good Samaritan if you defend a street pigeon?

"Roving Gangs SMASH Medical SUV in NYC, Rats EAT Pigeons, Squirrels BITING People, NYC Is A WASTELA.." - Tim Pool, 22 minutes

Mask protest at Union Square Park, Manhattan. Look at that tremendous crowd.

VLC continues to fight against the War on Christmas.

I don't particularly care about Christmas, but I hope the icon triggers someone. (FWIW, the VLC project is French.)

Hey Nebula, I'm sure you're super proud of your Christmas party on Twitch, but your banner with no dismiss button is a huge PITA right now because I'm forced to use a phone in landscape mode to transmit to my Roku, and with the status bar, browser navigation buttons, party notice, and your navigation, that leaves me 40% of vertical space for actually accessing the content on my page before I can start a video fullscreen. Thanks

Welcome back to 1999 toolbar-itis.

(Screenshot from desktop)

Welcome to the new ___ experience in BitBucket by Atlassian. For your convenience, we have added 10% to the size of our client code, regressed several features and extended load times. Enjoy our layered popups congratulating our accomplishments.

> Radicle: A peer-to-peer alternative to GitHub
> Some webshits decide that what version control software needs is FidoNet and maybe some blockchain.


I just ordered a laptop directly from HP's mail-order store. I had a question about delivery and I was greeted with this:

> There's a short wait to speak with a Sales Specialist. Please call 1.866.221.4553.
> Our current chat wait times are extremely long. Please wait for the next available HP Chat specialist.

Right and wrong. The conversation started immediately. Check out the hilarious last page of the "how did it go?" survey attached.

Also the chat window was tiny and couldn't resize.

DDG Search images for "cuomo nipple rings". The first two rows of results (with cached thumbnail) are 404ed. Likely DMCAed by Cuomo's handlers.

I remember when my IT department subscribed to the assholes -- Gartner. I hope they don't still.

This is legit spam from them sent to my personal address. Hyperlink goes to a 'gartner.com' address. They're so competent, they are trying to bribe me to take the survey with a chance to win {EML_INCENTIVE}.

Windows: Every time this dialog box comes up with no local bookmarks and no auto-complete addressbar, I want to burn something.

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