So, if I'm reading this meeting agenda correctly, Election Day in USA is now assumed to be a traumatic event.

I opened a ticket URL. I scrolled to the bottom to read the last comment. I got interrupted and the page refreshed. I scrolled AGAIN to the bottom to read the last comment. I got a modal popup.

Fuck you JIRA. Fuck you forever.

My wife has been bingeing on "Heroes" on The IMDB Channel all day while I'm hanging out with her in the living room. It's like cable TV but on demand and the ads are picked based on skip logic on your dossier. And 2/3 of them are for products carried by Amazon and a suggestion that you order Alexa to order it for you.

Welcome to the future where your entertainment and store and your employer are all the same thing.

(No, we don't work for Amazon. Yet.)

You shouldn't make up the stories when you're a newsblog, but you CAN have fun with their go-live dates.

> Five Eyes Nations Plus Japan and India Call for Big Tech to Bake Backdoors Into Everything

> Undocumented Backdoor that Covertly Takes Snapshots Found in Kids’ Smartwatch

The TV critters have no fucking idea how a republic works, and doesn't work. This tweet was quoted in a Tim Pool video:

> MSNBC's @ FrankFugliuzzi1 proposes a "bipartisan commission" to vet presidential candidates to prevent another Trump: "We got this wrong, and it can't happen again."

You notice that we never get term limits for legislators because legislators write the rules?

"You will NEVER get a Bernie Sanders or Ocasio-Cortez again," says Pool.

Some amusing finds on a music store web site:

Time-traveling guitar teacher.

And, you know the repair action photo is real because he's holding the soldering iron correctly.

I hate the world wide web with a passion. Why has this kind of design been acceptable for 20 years?

Video is short to save bandwidth and only shows one animation loop. The thumbnail just keeps looping and looping while you try to read the report in the main column.

Here's a YouTuber working hard for his money. Went on a rare 5-day camping trip for the channel, didn't finish work on the last one before he headed out. Taped the phone to a pole to get good 4G to upload the previous finished project.


I moved out of New York City proper, and my new library looks like this: Ebooks I can access through their subscriptions aren't in the main catalog, and that catalog is stuck in the 21st century with a Netflix-style "just barely works" user interface. If you search for an author, you get book results and the author isn't a hyperlink to a result list for that specific author.

@NoAgendaBBS I may have hit an eddy in the spacetime continuum. I think I posted a message 60 minutes in the future.

@NoAgendaBBS I'm confused about the setup process. Why can't I enter more than 5 characters for a password?

I just made a payment on my American Express balance, and on the dashboard I have this … notice.

Are you proud of that name? I almost fell asleep just reading the NAME of the scam/program.

I don't think I've ever passive-aggressively reshared screenshots of toots to satisfy my need to win the Internet, but this is just too delicious to pass up.

Also I'm not sure I am arguing and I don't care who wins.

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