Digital calendar / time-keeping systems aren't quite messy enough. Let's add this rule.

My company's nanny DNS provider and I have different views of what is a legitimate safe web site. This is infuriating.

Urban Dictionary isn't politically correct. This allows it to be ecumenical and agile. Vloggers use it ALL THE TIME to figure out what the hell someone is saying.

The ropes were put there by the Republican party to ensure the Impeachment deliverers didn't get lost on the way over to the Senate.

Something @dcgirl said reminded me of strange why-would-slaves-buy-this products.

I saw this on the train last night. I don't get it. Why would I subscribe to a headset? Is it going to break every 8 weeks?

This is how bad the Windows 10 desktop environment is, and why I hate it, in a nutshell.

I have to go through 3 archeological layers of Control Panels to access "CPU maximum power usage".

(I fiddle with it because this beast laptop's exhaust air flow is too bloody hot when the CPU is fully maxed out -- that's not a Windows problem though.)

Go Buses doesn't communicate … anything. The advertized 4h15m from Manhattan to Cambridge, MA during rush hour is not possible. No destination announcement when we started. Stopped 30 minutes at Newton, MA stop (already and hour late). No announcement. Suddenly "okay everyone move to the other bus!" -- "what?" -- "uhm. No one told you?"

Crowning moment of awesome: imagine you're from far away, and you're leaving Boston. You get to Alewife Station and see this. Where the fuck is Steel Place?

In WinCompose, "Compose Compose L I E" is Birthday Cake Emoji "🎂". Is there some hidden meaning, or is this a sarcastic easter egg?

I know I'm easily triggered, but I had to share:

Visual Studio Code on Windows 10 has the following bug that I just discovered: In the Save dialog box (which should be one of the many system-provided implementations of the command from Windows over the years) does not respect your desktop-global "ClearType" settings -- that is, sub-pixel font smoothing. BUT, it works correctly in the Open command.

Here is the broken Save command, with ClearType set off.

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