Do what I demand, or else I'll blast shrapnel into my chest!
- stock photo in a dumb Ars Technica article

Tried to access my fucking business card while connected to the company VPN. Fucking netnanny shit. I wonder if I've personally as a publisher been put on some list.

I tried to download Lubuntu. I got blocked from the home page. I immediately assumed it was some employer nanny software bullshit. Upon closer inspection, it was uBlock Origin blocking it; I installed that.


Not long ago they were saying our children wouldn't would ever see snow again, right?

> Lows Nearing -40 Sweep Russia, Northern Hemisphere Snow Mass Above Average, + X-Flare: ‘Swing And A Miss’

Every year, more predictions of Idiocracy come true, with more specific accuracy.

Louis Rossmann: Why I'll never Buy a Samsung TV

I don't use my work Iphone very much for SMS and telephone network calls. I got a spam SMS.

It's 2021. Apple, where the fuck is the "blacklist this sender" command?! There are two buttons on the screen with 3 drawing tools as an icon and I think that means "choose app". I tried the right arrow and I tried the "…" button, and I tried long-tapping on everything.

IOS is just as much of a trash fire as Android. I hate them both completely.

Old Farmer's Alamanac 2022: Digital section: "Online edition"…

"Online" - "Downloadable" - "Features … saving as a PDF"

I don't know what the hell I'm buying here, and since I'm not getting an emailed download link for an epub or unencrypted PDF file, I think I'd best wait until/if the library reading room ever opens and just read it there.

Please wash your power plug under the faucet.

This ThinkPad 760ED (circa 1995) has some weird hardware features and even weirder graphics. All of the BIOS setup/diagnostic screens have a flappy bird icon or a screwdriver icon as the joystick/mouse cursor.

This Does Not Computer channel, 19 minutes

injury story:

Two weeks ago I was hiking, and I was confronted by a hissing copperhead snake resting on a steep bit of trail, who would not yield. I had to bushwack around while keeping eye contact with the snake, and I gashed my shin on a dead branch. Photo is from right now.

Sorry I don't feel like sending you a voicemail.

@Lennoxxreverb @CarBlanez33

I do NOT look for '33s' and obsess over who put them there and why. But I think this Epoch Times illustrator is one of us.

Theory: magnetic vaccine recipient syndrome is a real psychosomatic side effect of the vaccine.

To be fair to the idiot in the cartoon, the problem here is that Scott Adams has an Ipad.

HR is forcing us to finish filling in our yearly performance "goals" this week. Exhibit A for why my department is vaguely contemptuous of these HR processes:

Goal category choice: "Center Equity as the Cornerstone of our Identity". Take the cornerstone and put it in the center. No one actually read this shit.

> Biden Inflation Causes Wages To DROP, Economy Facing Collapse As MILLIONS About To Get Evicted [Tim Pool]

"Inflation … blah blah yeah you can partly blame Covid, but Biden's the president and it's his policy that is causing money to be printed…"

Uhm. Sorta. A Fuckton of monopoly money got printed before Trump was kicked out.

LOL! "You've been exposed!!! You need to self-isolate!" -- User uninstalls app.

> The number of people done with COVID restrictions is growing everyday
Louis Rossman, 14 minutes

I'm in a semi-annual department "all hands" meeting. Check out this PowerPoint fail.

This slide was up for at least 3 or 4 minutes. The speaker vaguely spoke of a code to the ellipse outline colors. (The purple boxes are project code names I censored.) I'm not sure if the horizontal and vertical axes mean anything. I have no idea what I'm supposed to do with this chart.

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