Is there any evidence that people want this?

It took about 15 years, but the blow has fallen. I upgraded packages on my server and guess what? LibreOffice has got a ribbon. If Microsoft does it, it must be good, apparently.

I had my yearly performance review this week. My supervisor and I have good rapport and we're candid with each other. Unbidden, he asked on his behalf and mine what it would take to get "exceeds expectations" next year, and told me that I would need to lead the monthly programmer hang-out/presentation lunch.

I had promised to take over that dormant activity, and then I backed out before getting it going, due to the "hostile work environment" created by the vaccine mandate.

Bought a Unihertz Titan Pocket (Android) as my new daily driver. I spent last night rooting it and removing Google service shit as much as possible, without replacing the OS. And I installed a few apps and loaded some data from my old phone, of course.

Current status: Well, geolocation isn't working, but I'm sure I can fix it. Yay! My phone has a KEYBOARD! As it should.

Software developers, "BANNED!" is not a complete or appropriate response when some deep layer of your software doesn't like it when a user tries to sign up on your forum with a privacy-oriented proxy email address.

I filled out the registration form, and it just said "banned".


I had. a fabulous day hiking alone. I feel fucking awesome. Perfect weather. I forgot to take any photos until an hour before sunset. Was just enjoying myself.

"Your browser is outdated. I guess you're a retard. ♿"

This is with a fork of Firefox. Programmers: test for the existence of features, not the browser product name string!

My close friend Julia in Boston who runs a holocaust education charity in Ukraine. I help them with the web stuff. She has suspended collecting money for museums and operations, and starting now all of the money she collects is going directly to people in Ukraine who need the money today. (No middleman, no CEO perks.)

If you want to donate money against Putin's war, consider donating to

Paypal, mailed USA check, or email Julia about money transfer.

A few years ago I quit Facebook and "permanently" deleted my account.

Today, I was thinking I want to join a few public discussion groups and follow some churches that have public organ recitals -- stuff where the organizer refuses to use anything but Facebook.

I signed up again with my real name and the same email address I used in the past. I DIDN'T EVEN GET TO THE HOME SCREEN before Facebook told me to fuck off.

Fine then. Fuck you too. No hard feelings.

1/4 of the stores in my neighborhood have these ads for Shen Yun in the window. Some of the stores with the ad are vacant and it's taped on the outside of the window.

I wonder if a minion walked up and down all the retail streets and just talked and talked to each shop attendant until they said 'yes you can tape that in our window'.

19 January: In a project at work, I created a wiki page in Microsoft Teams, about how to export the databases from production to copy to your local environment.

A few weeks later, this happens when I open the link I sent to someone.

As far as I know, the wiki is gone. It's a PITA to get data out of Outlook, but it's (usually) there. You CAN'T rely on getting data out of Teams, I guess.

@shebang I finally checked out your VR game vlog. Nice videos. Your pacing in the intros is excellent.

Now I know a little of what the VR game scene is like. It's not for me, but to each his own.

Also, this is how I'm going to picture you from now on.

I haven't looked at Dave Rubin for a while. Check out what he's selling.

"Securitized art for your IRA" (NFTs?)

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