I just made a payment on my American Express balance, and on the dashboard I have this … notice.

Are you proud of that name? I almost fell asleep just reading the NAME of the scam/program.

I don't think I've ever passive-aggressively reshared screenshots of toots to satisfy my need to win the Internet, but this is just too delicious to pass up.

Also I'm not sure I am arguing and I don't care who wins.

I never post selfies and some people might be curious what I look like. I went hiking the other day and I took some pics, so here you go.

"This problem can sometimes be caused by disabling or refusing to accept cookies."

The browser should let the infinite loop run in the background for a few minutes, even after I close the window.

I wish I could have my own private domain blacklist and mark all links from other sites automatically if they're already on my blacklist, before I click the link.

The Atlantic cyclone alley could go HYPERACTIVE. This sounds like something out of a Mel Brooks movie.

I think I have an unwritten personal rule to never attend company "brown bag" lunches where the whole description is Business English gobbledygook with no action words.

Theory: if a code module has lines that are 10x indented (even if grammatically it doesn't need it), the project is unsalvageable.

Here are two amusing signs I saw while shopping today. This poor bathroom is out of work.

We use Skype for Business (which is not Skype) at my company for one-to-one and one-to-many texting and sometimes voice calls. I'm poking around in Office 365 (web apps) trying to find out if there's a web-only interface for Skype for Business.

Outlook for Office 365 lets you IM people, but doesn't show your Skype for Business buddy list. Oh here's Microsoft Teams. It shows my buddy list! But look: C W doesn't have the same status. This is a different system.

According to Accuweather, supernatural forces may affect climate.

Do you think Lindsay Ellis quit drinking? Or wants to project that she quit drinking?

She used to literally record essays while drunk. Then she hired writers, and they probably objected on the grounds that this is a bad image for the company.

I went for a walk in Lincoln Park, Jersey City today. (Just a few blocks from my house.)

I saw a turtle and a groundhog. I've never seen a groundhog before.

Glad I didn't stray more than a few miles from my building. Damn it's hot today. Hiking in the wilderness far from a train station, with no car, wouldn't have been fun.

Races only have superficial differences. They don't have different bell curves for disease, damage tolerance, intelligence, stamina, or ability to deal with bullshit.


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