Seamless hates disabled people.

[Tab] - Learn More is focused.
[Tab] - Learn More is unfocused. Nothing else happens.
[Tab] - Learn More is focused.
[Tab] - Learn More is unfocused. Nothing else happens.

Doing my annual mandatory corporate infosec training. I'm not sure if it's annoying or amusing.

Anyone still following Stefan Molyneux? Is he giving up on being a philosopher and teacher? It looks like he's a cryptocurrency foamer now.

I need to start covertly collecting the keys at work.

Acting as a developer and secondary sysadmin, I was engaged in an overdue task to setup a couple of web sites. I left the server in a running, unbroken state and I did not shut it down. I broke for supper and came back, and … the server is offline. And I have no access to the AWS console.

Was in Manhattan for dinner tonight and I saw this ad for "free one-shot" vaccines from NYC. Wtf is that?

Waited a long time and the English version never came back.

"Open"? With the gate half closed? You'll never know until you try the door.

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"Come in; we're open." No. You're not. And you have never had a sign showing your hours. You suck at communication.

YouTube suggests I watch a breathless bullshit report about a gadget "breakthrough" (investment scam).

From a channel called "Zero Science".

I must stop using YouTube. I must stop using YouTube…

YouTube's home page wants me to question my bias about s'stemic racism and such.

I question YouTube's bias for never putting some of my subscriptions on my home page when they have new videos.

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