I'm working on a presentation for parents about internet safety, protecting the kids while they surf, educating them to make wise decisions while online, and all that kind of stuff.

Hit me with your best resources, hard/software, and anything else you might have. I'll have a potential audience of 2500 families (between all the ways it'll be published) of varying opinions so I'd like to address as many angles as possible.


@levisan I'm going to Hackers on Planet Earth conference this weekend.

I see one of the talks is "Why Professor Garfield Should Be Your Child's Best Friend on the Internet". I have never heard of Garfield, but apparently it's related to your question. I'll probably attend this talk and take notes. Ask me next week, and look for the public recording.


@levisan The home page url ( garfield.com/apps/professor-ga ) seems to redirect to something else now. And apparently this project may be delivered only the form of a native mobile app you must install on your phone.


Now I'm skeptical. Why do you need a native app for reading material, videos, and quizzes? *sigh*

@levisan ( ** I've never heard of Garfield as an infosec teaching tool for kids. )

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