Aw, fuck. He blew the punchline halfway through the video.

These super special "Encrypted CD-Rs" from an earlier era (which contain a Windows-only driver you must install to do anything with them) limit you to a 10 character "password". I'll bet some XOring is involved too.

These seem to the be the last 5 specimens left of this product. I wonder if he'd mail the one he used to a hacker who can report on what this piece of shit software actually does.

Oh he did hand it over to hackers. He sent an image of the data track of a used disc to his Discord…

"Within a day, we learned that the 'password' is stored… on the disc." Readable.

@BlueDouche @progo remember, until the late 90s, encryption was considered a munition under US law, so pretty much everything called "encrypted" actually wasn't really at all

@coldacid @progo

Wasn't that the PGP legal fight; anything approaching or exceeding DES encryption was a national security secret? encryption was demonstrably ROT13 + a couple of hashings with some XOR action instead... To avoid legalities?

@BlueDouche @progo that was part of it. EFF teamed up with O'Reilly to publish the source code for software and hardware DES crackers since books weren't munitions but source code on a computer was, as a demonstration of how retarded the law was about encryption. I have said book.

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