Legal Eagle puts aside his political feelings and tries to explain what the Kyle Rittenhouse trial was actually about -- what was being questioned and resolved.

Halfway through, after too many compound negatives (which I don't blame the presenter for), all I can say is "fog of war" and I'm glad I wasn't on the jury.

@NoBeret I'm noticing in the conclusion he keeps leaning on "vigilantism is bad m'key?" but what's the alternative if no one is actually trying to stop peaceful protests against undefended businesses?

@progo @NoBeret

here are 6 lawyers who take 5+ hours to tear apart his 24 minute analysis.

And drink.

@GluedToTheScreen @NoBeret I'm not poo-pooing that reaction video, and I might watch it later, but I'm reminded of a good line in Gilmore Girls: "One wrong man can always find a friend."

@progo @NoBeret true

I didn't watch the whole thing either... just a short piece.

They evidently held previous opinions about legaleagle and it's tradition to trash the "competition".

HOWEVER, I watched quite a bit of Rikieta and a dynamic group (incuding some of these) who FOLLOWED THE ENTIRE TRIAL STREAM.

So, they were pretty informed. Multiple minds doing analysis real-time. Hammered everybody.

They had over a million views the last day.

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