I subscribe to Nebula, which is a paywalled not-youtube where infotainment Youtubers can publish anything they want without getting into DMCA and woke canceling fights.

It has a few dozen channels and some of them are annoyingly bad. I need to subscribe to the good ones instead of looking at the everything feed.

> Apple gets Self-Repair Right!

Ha ha ha ha! ha ha ha. yeah. no. I don't even need to read the story to know this is wrong.

@progo I started watching Adam Neely on YouTube when I was looking for a music theory question and following him.

I believe he is one of the founders of Nebula and have almost payed the rather inexpensive price for a year's subscription to it.

@ScottALavender definitely worth it. You know that it comes as a package with Curiosity Stream. See my last appearance on with @CarBlanez33 and @fletcher for my poor first impression of Curiosity Stream.

Worth the price just for Nebula. The Youtube player pisses me off, and some producers make the "Nebula" version of their presentations a bit longer because they don't fear algo punishment for being boring.

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