The USA flag is racis'. We need a new flag to reflect the true liberal democratic socialist America.


@progo I was thinking of it possibly being a plain white flag because we are surrendering, but then it might also considered racist

@Smeeagain @progo True.Though a white flag would be the best fit but given all the SJWs bullcrap, I was thinking of a blank flag. What about just some Transparent flag?

Perhaps they would not like it because you know, plastic.

@progo "America is a country of 3000 counties, a very respectable political subdivision..." Karl Hess

@progo I am unsure if you understand what racism is, or what our flag represents.

The United States is not a uniparty system. We are free to vote and have our own political beliefs. Even if the elections were rigged. We are in the process of investigating those corrupt crimes so they can not happen again.

We aren't forced to believe in one party. To do so is extremely dangerous. Especially in one as deeply flawed and corrupt as communist fascism mascarading as liberal democratic socialism.

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