My Blackberry Q10 is finally dead by planned obsolescence. :^(

Just like every other fucking phone out there, it got ONE update to the Android stack (and it's not even running Android OS): it supports Android 4.3, API level 18 programs.

I moved my Quassel IRC client to my new cloud server using the latest core version.

The old QuasselDroid I had on my Blackberry does not work with the new Core. I can't upgrade QuasselDroid because Android 4.3 is no longer supported.

Fuck all mobile vendors.

@progo then why did u upgrade in the first place ,u should blame no one but urself

@progo maybe it's time to try a proper linux phone?

@jeremiah Thanks to the Blackberry people being assfucks and suing Adam Carolla off the map when he tried to release a snap-on chicklet keyboard for an Iphone…

There are precious few phones with chicklet keyboards. Do you have a suggestion?

@jeremiah I thought about buying that for months, but it doesn't replace a Blackberry Q10's form factor. You can't hold it and touch the screen with one hand.

But thanks for the suggestion.

@jeremiah @CSB I'm assuming since the Quassel Web front-end (which I've never tried) doesn't have tiny-screen screenshots, it doesn't support tiny screens.

But, maybe I can fix any tiny-screen related problems myself if I take a look at the code.

The only things that will continue to work for years on the Blackberry Q10 are various browsers targeting BB10 or Android 4.3; and email and SSH.

@progo @CSB what are the edge lengths of the keyboard area on the Q10?

@jeremiah @CSB the face is 67mm wide and you can work out some figures by looking at the photo in Wikipedia.

If you still need me to, later tonight I can do actual measurements.

@EdwardTorvalds cheaper than top-range iphones, made by a small independent company, gemini device (and probably cosmo) can run linux instead of android.

Expensive? Not really. It's just not cheap.

@progo yes butt Samsung hardware in recent not just latest galaxy note is stellar

@Sabex that's a great suggestion. I've never compiled an Android project, but this may be possible.

@progo It might mean backporting the protocol changes that cause the incompatability in the first place too. Winmerge or diff will be your friend here, depending on your OS of choice.

Good luck and godspeed

@progo How did it fail?

You mentioned in the comments that you absolutely need a hardware keyboard and it seems it can't be Android. Why?

Typing on mobile is a pain and kind of a waste of time anyways, but even if you have to, Swift type input is usually faster. Otherwise, you can just connect a Bluetooth keyboard.

And I guess you dislike Android because of privacy concerns? There are custom firmwares like LineageOS, which even got the seal of approval by a Google engineer, who used it to escape Google's geolocation tracking (if I remember correctly).

@okabe_rintarou It failed on my Blackberry when I moved the Quassel Core (Quassel server, IRC client) from my old cloud server to my new one and installed the latest stable Core on the new server.

The phone isn't my primary front-end access point for Quassel, but it's an important one, and I want a chicklet keyboard on the phone client.

@okabe_rintarou I see zero phones on the USA market right now that have a chicklet keyboard like Blackberry Q10, and as I said this is mostly because Blackberry was a douche nozzle about their patent.

@progo Yes, but is it really that necessary in the end? I don't want to dissuade you, I'm just saying, again, that I myself realized how much of a waste of time messaging on mobile is. And whenever I want to write something quickly, a Swift type on-screen keyboard is usually faster than hitting keys one by one.

@okabe_rintarou It sounds like you have not used a handheld device with a chicklet "qwerty" keyboard, driving it with two thumbs. It is completely different from using a touch software keyboard with no third dimension to its surface.

It's what I want, and the market has lost it because Blackberry patented it and then hoarded it.

Yes I have had real conversations in bed on the chicklet keyboard. Slowly. Most of my IRC time is done in a desktop environment on larger computers.

@progo I did try out such a device and I remember it being cumbersome, but that was before I owned a smartphone, which is a long time ago.

I'm just saying that maybe you shouldn't put too much weight on these things. Again, Swype keyboards are really fast too, but that was the last time I brought it up.
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