Speech by a cancelled journalist who doesn't like the massive tide of gender transitioning teenage girls without parental consent.

Think about the systematic lies from medical community about teenage trans boys, and think about the systematic lies from the medical community about Covid-19. Both issues are backed by powers that mercilessly destroy any medical professionals who try to tell the truth.

Why should I ever trust a physician, now?

Abigail Shrier, 58 minutes.

Actually, asking the question another way: I need to fire my physician because her back office isn't helpful and I moved too far away.

How can I FIND a physician I can trust, in NYC?


@Smeeagain Jersey City, and a "family doctor" or GP for just me.

@Smeeagain I'd go to Queens or Brooklyn if I have to. I assume my hypothetical doctor can't afford to work in Manhattan.

@Smeeagain thanks for the suggestion. Can you say anything about their ability to serve ONLY the client and no one else? Or do you just have a good relationship?

@progo Just saw him today and while he's concerned about my BP, he told me that he'd rather see me lose weight instead of upping my meds. I have 3 months before my next visit to lose the weight. He also has stopped prescribing narcotics.

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