TIL: the Perseverance mission is field testing a system for electrolysis of CO_2 to O_2 on Mars' surface, for possible use for in human life support.

The goal of the MOXIE subsystem is to demonstrate 10 to 22g of O_2 production per hour at 300W power consumption -- half what one single human needs. If this works, the CO_2 in the air is free and wouldn't need to be recycled in place, whereas all the water we still need will definitely need some level of recycling.

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@progo so 600w of power per hour, per person. Then how ever long the nights are on Mars. Plus some cleaning system to keep panels at peak production.

There is no such thing as 600W per hour. I clearly said 600W per person.

Also it's a tech demo. Actual human village scale may have lower power requirements per person.

@progo 600w per hour is exactly what it would be. Written another way, 600 watt/hours. On earth, such a load would be 600w x 24 hours = 14.4kwh per day. My 800w array makes around 4kwh per day.

@ralphw 600 watthours is 600 watthours. "600 watts per hour" is NOT ACCEPTABLE LANGUAGE.

@ralphw 1 W == 1 Joule per 1 second.

The only time it makes sense to write "Watts / time" or "Watts per time" or anything like that is if you are ramping a generator up or down.

If I read "watts per hour" in any other context I get triggered and I can't see past the illiteracy.

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