Infinite copyright extensions are for Disney's benefit; shut up slave, you don't get anything.

> Star Wars Novelist Says Disney Won’t Pay Him Royalties it Owes Him

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@progo I’m curious if there is a valid argument from Disney’s standpoint. For example, did the royalty contract have a fixed payment over time that was irregardless of whether the book was still in print, and has Disney dropped new sales of the book?

Definitely if they are still selling it, he should get a cut.

@Cosmic Maybe. I'm not willing to analyze it. First you have to convince me that any entity should be allowed to hold copyright past 20 years.

@progo especially with books, it can take 20 years and more to start getting real traction.

For example, A Game of Thrones was published in 1996, with each sequel came about 5 years after the last. The copyright would be over before the series would be even complete! And the big HBO deal came near the end of the proposed 20 year window, even before the writer finished.

Writers should be compensated, even if it takes a while for their work to catch on, like many great works of fiction.

@Cosmic I agree that writers should be compensated, fairly. A line must be drawn in the sand, and currently the line favors destruction and burial of culture while Disney gets everything.

@progo if we don’t like what Disney does with Star Wars, we can write our own space westerns though. Copyright law will let us rip off most elements of it even, as long as we don’t use the trademarks.

@Cosmic Why is the Swallows and Amazons series STILL FUCKING UNDER COPYRIGHT in USA? The writer is English and very very dead. It's Disney's fault. Fuck them.

@progo the creator of the IP (Lucasfilm in the case of Star Wars) benefits the most. They create the IP. They then sell it to someone else voluntarily for the amount that it’s worth. That amount Disney pays, because they want to buy it. If the copyright expired sooner, Disney would pay less.

This long lifespan compensates creators for their work. They need compensation. Their prospects are dim enough as is.

@Cosmic in Nigeria there's a thriving TV and film industry with almost no copyright enforcement. The productions are cheap and fast to keep ahead of piracy.

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