Chairman of Federal Election Commission calls this USA presidential election illegitimate.

Tim Pool video. 29 minutes.

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I should probably add a disclaimer: sharing is not endorsing a statement.

I agree with Pool and I am not convinced the election was or was not swung in popular vote totals per state due to fraud. I've been avoiding "doing the work" and a lot of the evidence that exists isn't publicly accessible.

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@Evenkeeld @progo
IF what Democrats 2 claim happened, then why did they lose 12+ sears in the House & gain none in the Senate, rather than gaining?

Answer: hundreds of thousands of switched votes and/or ballots with only the POTUS race marked... Which is obviously masses of fraudulent ballots.

I would accept these results if they'd have made proper gains in Congress. If that many real voters chose Biden, we-d see a wave in Congress to match, like the GOP gaining the House Majority in 2016.

@BlueDouche @Evenkeeld @progo

While I believe cheating was significant, probably tipped the election, a possible answer to your question is RINO never Trumpers who are covid yellow bellies voted by mail, but passed over in 2016.

@Viking @Evenkeeld @progo I reject that. Explanation too.

The Counties with tbe ridiculous WAY over 100% of registered voters having voted were all Democrat strongholds.

@BlueDouche @Evenkeeld @progo

But it is clear there are many yellow-belly RINO republicans, right? You LDS dudes have a major rich one as a piss poor Orrin Hatch replacement!

"The Counties with tbe ridiculous WAY over 100% of registered voters having voted were all Democrat strongholds."

It is not a crime when it is not prosecuted, right!

@Viking @Evenkeeld @progo

Don't look at me, I voted against that carpetbagging motherfucker in the Utah GOP Senate Primary.

Dr Mike Kennedy of St George (Southern Utah) was my vote.

I KNEW Romney was going to be a huge cowpie of a hot mess, but he's just such a rockstar with the moronic sheep-type Utah LDS folks, especially after having run for POTUS in 2012.

@deezthugs @BlueDouche @Evenkeeld @progo

Romney is the ex Governor of Massachusetts, where he pretended to be a Republican, and the Massholes pretended to believe him, for the rest, there is Wikipedia!


Im trying to imagine the “quality” of the gray matter of anyone excited about a shitstain like Romney

@BlueDouche @Evenkeeld @progo

@Viking @deezthugs @Evenkeeld @progo

Romney literally QUIT on campaigning, the last 2 weeks before the 2012 Election.

It was like someone PAID him to take a dive... I wouldn't put it past him, noting his slimy behavior since, the Anti-Trump stuff, trying to cover-up the fact that one of his Sons was ALSO raping Ukrainian Corporations in the same corruption as the Bidens, Kerrys, and etc. Romney had a son on that same Burisma Gas Board as Biden... so BFFs forever, I guess.

@BlueDouche @deezthugs @Evenkeeld @progo

He did vote in a conservative SCOTUS judge, I guess he understands that getting in another RBG would get him recalled or primaried!

@Viking @deezthugs @Evenkeeld @progo

He has had far less wiggle-room on votes since that ridiculous vote to convict Trump's 2nd Impeachment Charge.

Seriously, there was a movement to recall and remove his ass in the Utah Statehouse the Monday after that Vote, and they'll DO it, should he ever vote against confirmation of a conservative SCOTUS Justice, or otherwise do RINO-Liberal bullshit that goes into the Congressional Record.

He still runs his ass-eating mouth way too much, though.


Ah, those simple times back before Obama understood all of the Globalist talking points

@BlueDouche @Evenkeeld @progo

@deezthugs @Viking @Evenkeeld @progo

He's like a little baby Obama... learning and growing into the evil leader he would one day become for the Globalists.

@Viking @deezthugs @Evenkeeld @progo

Exactly: He was a Massachusetts Republican, so he signed into lawran ObamaCare-like State Healthcare Law, and a State-funded Mass-Abortion Law.

SOME GOPer... (NOT!)

Only notable because of his failed bid for US President in 2012.

Utahns will remember him as the CEO of the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Olympic Committee.

@Viking @deezthugs @Evenkeeld @progo

Romney also had a failed run for Massachusetts US Senator, against THE Ted Kennedy, of the JFK/RFK Kennedy Klan.

@Viking @Evenkeeld @progo

I"m a Senator Mike Lee (UT) kind of guy, not a Mitt the Douche Romney Carpetfagger guy.

I like Mike Lee as much as I hate Romney. Lee is a LOT like Ted Cruz.

@progo You'd think if the guy in charge of elections says such a thing, it would warrant a little closer look...

... don't ya think?

Trump may just expose some of it.

GOV must ROOT OUT the rest in order to build back any credibility it has in the eyes of its CITIZEN.

@GluedToTheScreen closer look? YES, PLEASE! Uncover the truth and report it! And get the fucking MSM to stop gaslighting!

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