I got blocked earlier today for arguing in good faith and with polite words, with a non-No Agenda person who happens to have a "rules of engagement" statement on their profile.

Should I …?

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On second thought this would just get on more shitlists. Don't do as I suggest.

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@progo Ia guessing its the same bitch who had a tiff with me, he ran off crying blocked me, and told Adam I hurt his feelings.

@RoboftheVolcano probably not. This was some French frog trying to assert his right to refuse to use Slack even though hypothetically his team/employer might insist. And a right to not lose a job over the conflict.

@progo Bemrose's Fourth Law of Human Stupidity: There is no fix for willful ignorance online.

The best you can do is disengage and try not to get any of it on you.

@SirBemrose yeah I'm cool. Just surprised. One moment we're trying to understand exactly what the other is arguing; next minute the opposing side's messages are all gone, unless I view them anonymous.

The NAS milieu keeps me isolated from this kind of brain seizure in people I talk to.

@progo be glad they are out of your life, no longer wasting your time.

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