Bluetooth contact tracing and how to fuck with it.

These bluetooth dongles and phone apps surely can't create a secure connection between devices - it would take far too long I would think. Even if it did, they would have to have a pre-shared 4 digit PIN (at least with legacy pairing). A brute force attack on one might be a brute force attack on all.

Then simply have a rotating value for each connection and walk about.

@Sabex Bluetooth hacking/ jacking in the early days was fun. Massaging random devices. You could easily add and delete contacts etc. Emmmm


@Mummabear @Sabex what? This was COMMON, on phones with Bluetooth?

1) When will vendors ever learn and get security even half-assed right?
2) In this climate, how are these cars delivered as robots+computers you don't really control even remotely acceptable?!

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