@nina thank you for the illustration.

I wasn't sure if it's okay to still love Bill Cosby's ancient stand up comedy recordings.

I'm gonna say yes, now. And I'll unashamedly cite quotes when one of his bits resonates with a discussion. :^b

@progo It’s really up to you. There are people who rigidly believe it’s not OK and makes you a monster, but you get to be in charge of your own values. “What other people think of me is none of my business.”

But dang, people are really clueless about how culture works.

@nina I think if I felt the other way, I'd be morally obliged to leave the room every time a product of Disney is shared.


@nina I can still prefer not to buy Disney things and call it a happy medium. And I wish Cosby hadn't turned out to be evil.

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