Noagenda jitsi meetups are dead because @Maggotaur Is recording them and posting on YouTube - all without consent

What a crappy person he is!

The only Fix to kick him out if you see him in jitsi meetups?

@CSB if we are concerned about this, the solution is to have an inner circle of moderators -- we'll probably have to move off Jitsi to gain actual admin functions. The moderators will have to individually vet all callers until they're signed up as a full user.

Do we want this?

@CSB and my suggestion is only a partial solution, essentially giving up anonymity.

You can't stop someone from recording their screen.

@progo yes I know but not removing recording recorded without consent should have consequences


@CSB I think you can legitimately DMCA the video if it's on YouTube. You'll probably have to completely identify yourself to them. And make sure you know what you're doing, even if the record companies don't.

If you DMCA a page on an American site, you are swearing as a matter of court procedure that you have standing and the complaint is legitimate.

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@CSB I can confidently say YouTube can't make it any easier.

If you want consequences, make a complaint.

@CSB I don't know how the EU handles this exactly, but I am sure (and I'm not a lawyer):

1. You own all of the words you said in the recording, including the audio and video embodiment of it.
2. Because you are a person and because the recording exist, you have copyright; it's automatic.
3. It's being used on YouTube without your permission.
4. This is a copyright violation.

@progo true but I am too weak to fight
With google that owns YouTube

@CSB you don't fight with Google. You use YouTube's DMCA claim form to make a claim. It's been agreed that massive forums handle the first steps of DMCA copyright violation complaints themselves without courts.

You have the option of appealing to courts if it can't be resolved between the alleged violator, the complainant, and the forum. But you don't start with courts and lawyers.

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