Sunday, I heard that in Oregon you could change any already-cast vote online, with a date of birth and a name. Monday, I heard 4chan was having some lulz with that rule in Oregon and Washington.

Has anyone got an authoritative media story about this? How is the story progressing? Is it true?

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@progo You can't change a vote, but you can ask for another ballot with only name and date of birth, which cancels any ballot you sent before, AFAIK.

@Arwalk ah, cancel. Got it. So, 4chan could still literally cancel everyone's vote as many times as they wanted, if they bought a phone book and hired a turk army.

@progo If by "buying a phone book" you mean "using another database that was leaked previously" and by "hiring a turk army" you mean "running some python scripts", yeah.

They're already doing that.

@Arwalk for ALL mail-in ballots? Because of the incredible stupidity going on in this election, I endorse it if 4chan attempts to cancel EVERY vote.

@progo i think they're doing their best to reach this objective. :)

@Arwalk @progo afaik after cancelling tge old vote the new ballot can be sent in to be counted, simply overwriting the old vote without notification

@progo I heard this too, but no substantial reports...must be damaging to only one political party

@progo seems like probably just disinfo to obscure the real, or create new conflict for the vote - several interested parties would float shit like this - but frequently that's because it seems plausible.

I give it a 30% chance of being correct.

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