You shouldn't make up the stories when you're a newsblog, but you CAN have fun with their go-live dates.

> Five Eyes Nations Plus Japan and India Call for Big Tech to Bake Backdoors Into Everything

> Undocumented Backdoor that Covertly Takes Snapshots Found in Kids’ Smartwatch

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@Mummabear @progo I see your 'hold on' and raise you a 'hold on'... When has Huawei done anything?

@Mummabear @progo UK have been studying huawei code for a decade - shouldn't they know something by now?

@philcolbourn @Mummabear @progo As someone who discovered a keylogger in a driver for a chinese keyboard he bought, I wouldn't put it past 'em

@philcolbourn @Mummabear @progo This is why paranoid assholes like me install a new driver and then monitor WireShark.

@Sabex @Mummabear @progo in case you want to

My view is if anyone found anything obviously deliberate, huawei would be finished... But then again, some of the bugs in windows seem too useful to some and yet windows is still used...

@philcolbourn @Mummabear @progo Don't forget the complexity of this stuff. The Linux kernel alone has 27.8 million lines of code, and Huawei has access to all of it. Then add on top the userland, and on top of that the Huawei specific apps...

@philcolbourn @Mummabear @progo Cisco's code *definitely*. The NSA leaks proved that.

Mind you, they would intercept network hardware, install their own backdoors and then ship them on to their final destination with the customer remaining unaware

@philcolbourn Ah OK, no - my bad. I didn't know Huawei had filched Cisco code.

I thought you were referring to flaws in Cisco routers. Duh.

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