I've had a bad hardware day. I had one goal: use a different computer, on my desk on my big 4k display, while I'm on vacation and generally in the future when I'm not doing company work.

Raspberry Pi 4: Doesn't support anything like a dots-per-inch setting on its desktop, out of the box. Text too small at 4k resolution. Installed LxQt, and that caused Wifi to fail (even after reboot).

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Try 2:

Connect my HP Stream netbook to my big 4k display: Cinnamon desktop blanks all displays when I plug in the 4k display. But the login screen doesn't.

I feel too cranky now to try to fiddle with either problem, and I'm back to my company Windows computer on the 4k display, with some tasks actually running remotely on my home server (same room). This has been my setup for at least a month.

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@progo Pop_OS has pretty good high DPI support. It works fine on my 4k display.

@xi11ix thanks. I'm running Mint on the Intel 64-bit HP Stream netbook. I don't think switching OS will fix my problem, and I don't really want to switch away from Cinnamon, yet. Pop OS doesn't support ARM computers like the Pi, at least according to the book of knowledge page.

I expect all of my problems are solvable without extreme changes. I'm sulking in crankiness for now though.

@AdamAtSea @xi11ix thanks. That's a likely next step if Wifi works, out of the box, and/or there's a clear "do these steps" recipe for getting it working.

@progo @xi11ix Ubuntu should work out of the box, I tried it on my 3 but it was a bit underpowered. I have it running on an Odroid C2 for my torrent box.

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