The sunset in NYC definitely looked smokey today. Also I saw a wasp nest.

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@progo The sky was brown in the Philly burbs and the sun was barely visible through the smog from the west coast fires that settled over Valley Forge.

@cgarison my pics are tonight in Lincoln Park in Jersey City, New Jersey.

@progo that looks more like a hornet nest. Either way they're both generally assholes so it's not like it matters much

@SirMorganANSI_C ah but I didn't know specifically and I used the more generic term "wasp" which encompasses hornets. :^b

I didn't hear anyone living in it, btw.

@progo does it? Didn't know that, people around here are usually more specific since we deal with them a lot. 😅 Looks like either bald faced hornets or yellow jackets nest to me, but actually yellow jackets apparently ARE wasps which I don't think most people would have guessed. But I'm not sure what else you may have in your area

@progo I have a nest of some kind of asshole hornets behind the shutters in front of the house, but I don't feel like dealing with it since we move out tomorrow lol. One stung me while I was mowing last week for absolutely no reason

@SirMorganANSI_C a prime example of "somebody else's problem" if I've ever seen one!

@Greycoop @progo thanks man. We've been slowly moving stuff a carload at a time the past 3 days, tomorrow is the final step with some help for the leftover big furniture so it shouldn't be bad. During that time we've seen 4 turkeys, a woodchuck, and a handful of deer (zero wasps) at the new place so it'll be worth it. Just need to get this internet sorted out

@SirMorganANSI_C @progo until recently I wasn't really aware that hornets are just a name for certain species of wasp. Getting stung by a couple of them got me learning a bunch.

@coldacid @progo yeah I had no idea. It seems like we have so many different types of hornets and wasps they each deserve their own species so we can hate them more specifically

What is this image host with gross skin and dandruff ads? It's not... targeted is it?

@AbleKirby I will host my own when you tell me good simple pastebin software I can use, including support for binary files and not requiring javascript to view pastes.

Or I'll write my own some day.

@AbleKirby I originally pasted on for an sms conversation, then copied the urls here, btw.

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