When the "vaccine" for Covid-19 is "ready" (vaccines for coronaviruses don't exist) Google and Twitter and Facebook are going to cancel everyone who has a history of talking about vaccine safety. Source: Google employees.

Allegation is 7m25s into the video. (Dave Cullen.)

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*sigh* I must get my local computer club's published presentations videos out of Google. (I own the channel.)

I can't endorse this shit.

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@progo @ChrisWilson we need an "it's peertube time!" and an "it's bitchute time!" jingle, and maybe a voiceover to Thus Spake Zarathustra, "The Archive Everything Moment Has Come. Buy some more storage, pussy."

@progo It's an interesting idea on Big Tech's part but I think the cat is already out of the bag regards available Alt Tech platforms.

I expect Alt Tech will be attacked by the payment platforms, like they did with Gab when the time comes.

@YorkshireTea the audience is not out of Facebag and YouTube yet. But yes they WILL cash-embargo BitChute when they're ready.

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