Trump: The fake news outlets are the enemy of the people.
Wapo: Trump said the media are the enemy of the people!

Tim Pool tries to show how most popular news outlets are doing EXACTLY what Trump complains about, and he wants to you share it with the woke people. If you put their lens on, Pool sounds kinda crazy. We need a better representative.


Their main tactic: story laundering. NA Show has about it. Pool calls it "information laundering".

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'member when Trump wanted that TV channel with the gorillas fighting?

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@TheCzar @progo if he had not been murdered, he would not only approve, but eventually rise to the top of the Gorilla Channel's roster of commentators. He's something like the Bobby Kennedy/Marilyn Monroe of the Gorilla Fighting circuit.

@progo I usually don’t like threads where ppl converse w/ themselves, progo, but I like this one. Yeah, just yo mention one thing you said: Trump watches the gorilla channel, HAH! I had forgotten about this trope, very early on that was circulating.

@progo Can you get the gorilla channel on cable?

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