Good essay from the original Cranky Geek about starting to work from home.

John C. Dvorak, 2.5 pages.

@progo I used to work from home every other week. One week onsite (CA) one week home (WI). Just read the first few paragraphs but the VPN and phone extension was spot on. Many times people didn’t even know I was off site. The phone rang wherever I happen to be. If traveling it forwarded to my cell.

@mwklein been working mostly at home since I moved to New York City about 6 years ago. I have an Iphone provided by work but most people don't -- leftover from before I got poached away from the IT department, and no one demanded I return it.

If I used the company phone system, it's a shitty app that only works if I'm connected to the VPN. If I'm not connected to the VPN, my host OS can't open two-way connections to local VMs running in VirtualBox. I told them to cancel my company phone number.

@mwklein my job has turned into a shithole in the past 4 years and in particular the last 1 year. I didn't submit my self-evaluation on time and I'm not sure what I'm going to write on it.

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