OTG freaks: is there a "fitness tracker" that makes all of its data available via USB or a MicroSD card or Bluetooth file sharing, and does not requite you to install an "app" to get the data owned by you? Or even display the most important data points onscreen only?

I'm motivated to start recording some vital stats and food and stuff. For a tracker bracelet, I absolutely will not install a telemetry device's app.


@PhoneBoy @EdwardTorvalds @skypage @ReadyKilowatt @Viking thanks for your replies.

Summary of my feelings: I want to start recording data right away; I already have. There's no data I need that requires a special gadget. I don't have time to reverse engineer a gadget's comms or mess with a half-baked public solution along those lines. I will use plain files or a web app and manual data entry.

New suggestions that weren't discussed are still welcome.

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