I am not attending Free Software Foundation's LibrePlanet conference in March. I often did in the past.

Last year when RMS was ousted from FSF, many people were upset. I'm familiar with the story, and I watched the butthurt unfold in public mailing lists.

This summary of the events makes a point that FSF leadership who had ongoing disputes with RMS took advantage of a CANCEL CULTURE shitstorm to get rid of him. For this reason, I'm out, for now.

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@progo Yup. RMS is a wacky guy, but the cancel culture style attack was pure SJW horseshit and the FSF should be brutally punished for allowing that to happen.

@shebang @progo I always figured the FSF for a bunch of kooks (after all, RMS was their founder and leader, and that guy is off the rails) but them cancelling him showed they're a bunch of unrepentant cucks and utterly undeserving of any support or respect.

RMS and I would not agree on a lot of software or real-world politics but what they did to him was unconscionable. I'd rather support RMS himself personally than the FSF as an organization, when before it would have been the other way.

@coldacid @progo Yeah, pretty much. That woke rubbish makes my blood boil. Any of that SJW stuff in the free software world is pure poison.

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