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Brendan Kidwell @progo

@a_dude_named_ben part of a tide of entrepreneurial Youtube quitters, or just drop of water in the ocean?

I do like this guy and I'd much rather get his feed via RSS than Youtube.

I just have to add... the projection on the paper didn't "look" like that; I adjusted the colors to bring out as much detail as possible in the image of the Sun. The ambient light was around 30% to 50% of normal daylight, which is a LOT brighter than anything you ever see indoors. You need to be in the 'totality' zone to see twilight.

Can't vouch for the source of this photo, but meh, it's amusing.

My solar eclipse photo.
Astoria, NY - 2017-08-21 14:44:56

Projected through a pinhole in half of a FedEx envelope onto a sheet of white paper. Shot with a Blackberry Q10.

Ooh... Ahhh...

bitching about computer shopping Show more

@PhoneBoy take a break. Don't try to sort it out.

@a_dude_named_ben shun Google! Find out how by watching this video hosted by Google!

@Cosmic I heard about refusing to serve Nazis
I thought to untapped market

TAKEN !!!!!

Back in 2012 no less !!!!

Damn you Rayciss domain squatters !!!!

@voidzero Follow some random non-local Mastodon users, then look at what they boost, and randomly reply to some of those friends.

When you find out that you spent 5 minutes thoughtfully replying to a thread on a server that silences NA Social, and no one read your reply, let me know if you're or not.

It's not safe here.

@voidzero when/if Mastodon becomes a household name, you're now retroactively unsafe as everyone picks through all your non-politically-correct thoughts archived here. :^)

Truth in advertising: Microsoft admits their new Azure Stack will need special sysadmins, picked from a smaller talent pool and educated by expensive Microsoft courses.

@progo @DrChris @tomey I think our President likes to use Twitter the same way I use a laser pointer to make my cat crazy. They never fail to deliver...

@DrChris "I have two words for you: predator drones."