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Brendan Kidwell

CNN lying, as usual. Now about scripted questions about the tow hall meeting about the school shooting.

@timcast reports

"We're inclusive but we'll ban you if you disagree with us." That's Dimension B in a nutshell right there.


FFS, you can randomly recount 1/3 of the precincts in a county EVERY time using a different set of tally machines without breaking a sweat! That ought to be able to discover any counting fraud activity. Anything less than this paper setup is not acceptable.

In all 3 or 4 counties I've lived in so far, we've had a stupid simple system that's nearly foolproof after the check-in point (assuming you've solved the problem of "one vote per citizen only for those who show up"). You make black marks on designated spots next to text on paper explaining what you're voting for. A computer counts them as you dump them into a secure box. If there's any question you can recount the entire county electronically in hours. Or by hand if necessary.

We might be switching to paper ballots in more counties because of those pesky Russians. I'll take any excuse that will sell paper ballots to election commissions.

Oh wait I misread it. It won't support 64-bit Intel Windows apps but it'll run 32-bit Intel Windows apps (in some kind of emulation?). So... can any developer with a current product just recompile whatever they have (C#, Java, C, C++) for Windows ARM and it'll work?

Pff... Screw that anyway. Let me know when someone gets Linux with a desktop environment running on a mass-market ARM laptop. I hate Windows.

Windows apps aren't supposed on Windows 10 for ARM, but there's a bunch of ARM-powered Windows 10 laptops in the works. Lemme know when I can run Linux on them; "all day battery" sounds good.

we need:

- full stack devops
- 1 month sprint to product demo at huge convention
- whats your price


- we don't know what we're doing
- we overpromised and
- we have no money sorry

👨‍💻 Iridium Browser
A Browser for the Privacy Conscience

I can't understand how people who think Trump is Hitler want him to take away the means of rebellion (regime change rifles). Anyone else seeing a contradiction here?

@progo Since Buzzfeed became like the BBC, the BBC became like Buzzfeed.

I'm tagging BBC as "do not want" on Facebook, now.

How much traction does this "two shooters" theory have? Tim Pool looks at the evidence and says "nope, probably only one."

> Their chief marketing officer says their online [advertising] spending sometimes is "little better than a swamp in terms of its transparency".

Also, "Oh!!! Won't someone PLEASE think of the CHILDREN?!"

anybody have follow-up information on those weird, robo-generated children's videos on youtube?