Missed headline of the year.
Epoch Times

Correct headline:
Can Lithium Lift the Salton Sea out of Depression?

Moronic Variant report: We're back to wearing masks on the street in Jersey City. My preferred fast food chicken place's staff still won't put up a mask sign or wear masks.

Louis Rossmann: 2 articles side-by-side in Bloomberg say "the moronic variant is VERY MILD" and "there will be severe severe severe consequences if we don't shut everything down and panic."

> When pressed by a reporter, Biden qualified his statement saying that "if people are vaccinated and wear their mask, there’s no need for lockdown," adding that top federal health officials believe the current vaccines can provide at least some protection against the Omicron variant.

If you'd just put out, I wouldn't have to hit you so much.

Am I the only one reading it this way?

Maturing means realizing that your high school teacher was right about Wikipedia

Goldman Sachs calls the Party's bluff.
> Sachs Slams Omicron Panic: 'Mutation Is Unlikely to Be More Malicious'
Epoch Times: archive.ph/8Jmh7

Looking at the Epoch Times newspaper home page right now. Above the fold, they have SIX whole CATEGORIES of special coverage of … bad news.

I don't blame them, but let this be a reminder to everyone: Be careful how you interact with the newsfeeds. Read stories dispassionately. Take days off if you have to. If the world does end, you're not going to stop it so you might as well try to be in a good mood.

Focus your energy on what you can do for yourself to be happy.

4-day weekend programming project success!

* Created tool to load company time sheets into SQLite database, from saved HTML files from my company's shitty Oracle time sheet system. Feature complete, needs cleanup.
* Started PHP + SQLite framework for projects like the above. ~50% complete. Time sheet project uses the incomplete framework.

Now I can easily check how much I've spent on paid time off accounts, and if I'm over budget on any projects. And can share the tool with my coworkers.

Brilliant idea: let's culture this one and use it as a vaccine! It'll kill fewer people than the engineered "vaccines".

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Epoch Times reports that the moronic variant causes mild symptoms.

> "Their symptoms were so different and so mild from those I had treated before."

So, Covid-19 is tapering off into an endemic typical coronavirus. EVERYBODY PANIC! Shut off travel to and from Africa!!!

Wapo wapo wapo: New York declares a state of emergency 36 hours ago, due to moronic variant.

I literally didn't notice until I read JCD's newsletter a day after he sent it. Should I put a bag over my head or something?

No one was acting strange when I was in Manhattan yesterday. Unless you count the upset lady in Papaya Dog ranting at someone she may or may not have known.

I stumbled upon this: There's a shortage of penicillin, and lysine, for livestock farmers. They say the problem could affect more than the food supply. ..and there's more tidbits.

Anyway. So I guess if people here didn't know. I run a virtual reality (VR) gaming channel.

NAS is a pretty boomer crowd though who usually aren't into things like VR but here it is anyway lol.

It's easily the most badass VR gaming channel there is, because I swear in my videos and I give devs a hard time for dumb mistakes.

Here it is (posted yet again, this time with working links.)


Or, if you just fucking hate YouTube, it's also on Odysee


In the Times Square street plaza, my wife just pointed out we got passed by a large white duck. It was walking with the flow of pedestrian traffic and wasn't being escorted by anyone. And it wasn't a robot.

X-mas shopping reminder: Amazon's retail operation hates you and hates all of their vendors.

Amazon is a nice place to find out that a product exists. Once you have, go to the manufacturer's web site and find out where you can buy it that isn't a cesspool and where the maker and dealer will get a bigger cut of the sale.

Ever since Ethermine started encouraging the use of Layer 2 ETH payout via , I've had to learn about all this DeFi bridge swap token network junk. Getting more skilled at jumping through the hoops, but I have to say, it's made me feel very boomer.

Imagine going to use an ATM to withdraw your paycheck, but first you have to beat an entire zone of Super Meat Boy without any deaths.

...Still better than Layer 1 ETH fees. Thanks, NFTfags.

@RandomDaemon I have a Q6600 Core 2 Quad based desktop system with 8GB of RAM that is still an amazing PC running Windows 10. Considering that is a system built in 2007 with parts out of MicroCenter, it tells you a lot about the state of PCs and why Intel had to force obsolescence on many users in the coming years with Windows 11.

Note: The PC known as "Monster" will be retired at the end of the year after 14 years of service.


When you've been using a Raspbery Pi as a desktop for a year and the desktop Linux world's lack of ARM support is grating at you, and YouTube's awful CPU thrashing rubs your face in it...

A 5 year old corporate desktop returb is an upgrade. Just ordered one.

Legal Eagle puts aside his political feelings and tries to explain what the Kyle Rittenhouse trial was actually about -- what was being questioned and resolved.

Halfway through, after too many compound negatives (which I don't blame the presenter for), all I can say is "fog of war" and I'm glad I wasn't on the jury.

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