Achievement unlocked: I'm on the beach in front of my Atlantic City hotel using a laptop. :^) Found a nice spot in the wind and sun shadow of the mall on a pier.

Also, just watched two screaming gulls fuck.

Alabama passed a law making it a felony to provide an abortion for any reason other than imminent threat to the mother's life.

I don't understand how this is a valid state law under the US Constitution, considering Roe v. Wade. Can someone explain?

<bkidwell> is systemd inside Firefox or Chromium, yet?
<pronto> no, other way around
<pronto> they put chromium into systemd
<bkidwell> LOL

I've mastered procrastinating to such a level that I'm currently procrastinating procrastinating

Get on my level scrubs

For all the paranoid never-Android OTG people like me:

Today I learned Lyft works in a browser without a "smartphone" native app. Requires: JavaScript-capable browser, text messaging, email, and bank card.

I haven't actually completed requesting a ride, but other than that I'm all signed up and ready to go.

@progo @sobr the first i saw of them was a parody video showing people losing htem in interesting ways, including a dog eating them made in a style parodying the iphone silhouette ads.

The most amazing thing about this era, glutted with technical riches, is how absolutely amazingly retarded this shit is.

No flying cars, but you can go pay $750 for a surveillance device with a non-replaceable battery.

Hollywood action trailer voice-over voice: "The Future Is Here, And It Is Stupid."

@adam The NA Summaries project you kindly mentioned a few shows ago — they start at Show 1 but I’m still working on a gap from (currently) 366-469. It’ll prolly take another year or so to finish the back catalog. 😱 (It is a heck of a lot of fun hearing the old material. Looking forward to the first mention of the Six Week Cycle since that came before I got mouth-hit.)

Grieving Students Walk Out of Colorado School Shooting Vigil: ‘This Was Not About Us’
"after sitting through remarks by Rep. Jason Crow (D-CO) and Sen. Michael Bennet (D-CO), and realizing the program was centered around changing gun laws, students who had hoped to speak lost patience and walked out en masse. 'This was not about us. We can do our own vigil,' one STEM student remarked."

Today Scott Adams is complaining:

1) After 20+ years of steady traffic, lost 1/3 of its traffic volume. Most of that seems to be ALL of the inbound links from Linkedin.

2) /r/TheDonald was removed from Reddit search and Google at the same time.

Adams talks about what a great job Trump is always doing. It seems that people who support Trump are being cancelled everywhere, in the run-up to the 2020 election.

Must be Russia.

The entire province of Xinjiang is now a prison camp. Citizens MUST have a phone with ultraspyware installed. All actions and thoughts are monitored and punished.

Before you advocate a quick ban of instances with unsavory characters, please consider the case of Megan Phelps. She was convinced to leave her God Hates Fags church by having conversations on Twitter. There's a ton of articles and she did an interview with Rogan about it. It's fucking hard but the world improves through dialogue, not separation.

Watch this video and understand why the relationships USA has with Russia, China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Venezuela are so weird. Learn how if we do not race to a green energy economic system like the Space Race, and if we piss off Saudi Arabia enough, our economy could fall into deep depression overnight.

Also, USA has to "regime change" nations that don't cooperate with us, because we made a bad deal with an evil government in Saudi Arabia that we can't back out from.

I finally understand the Venezuela situation. this vid by Kim Iversen.
Hugo Chávez is good. Nicolás Maduro is good. USA is evil, really evil.

Facebook Defends Calls For Trump Assassination -- Platform suspends woman bringing attention to violent leftists calling for president’s murder

“Do any of you remember a day when talking about assassinating the President resulted in getting arrested?” Marjorie Greene wrote Sunday, who included a screenshot of users calling for Trump’s murder.

In case you still don't understand the leftist facebag standards aka 'moral high ground'.

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