Anyone think that the "vaccine makes you magnetic" meme started as a deliberate misinformation/confusion campaign? ("Ha ha look at those silly conspiracy theorists!")

Suggestions please. I want to put together a NA Glossary for commonly used on the show phrases and concept. Examples would be "noodle boy" "Clippity clop" "six week cycle" etc. Can anyone add other terms that need to be in the glossary? Post here in the forum.

Chicken caesar WRAP should have croutons?

I used to get upset when I got roped into meetings that I didn't have any need to be in.

I now am excited for these meetings because it's a free hour to do what I want while someone drones on in the background.

I think my brain melted a little.

Amazon is blaming YouTwitFace for fake Amazon reviews. Because YouTwitFace isn't doing enough to stop communication with intent to recruit people to write bad reviews.

What happens if most recruiting for fake review writing stops on YouTwitFace? Does anyone think recruiting is just done, then? It will never find anywhere else to happen?

this is very good
long, but worth it

Pharmacist Quits CVS Job Over Refusal to Kill People with COVID-19 Shots and Becomes a Whistleblower

NYC vaccine distributors can't read the expiration date.

Epoch Times (archived de-paywalled text)

LOL! "Cancelling Cancel Culture"

From where I sit, they just cancelled us for back-end reasons, and not for anything done to us or done by us as a users. Good job.

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What the fuck is this shit coming from Freenode now?! (Yesterday)

So, they caused all their sysadmins to leave and form a new network. The new junta at Freenode has announced users and channels will be erased, without putting a blog post in the global notice. And just now for me 8 minutes ago, I got disconnected and reconnected and indeed my account doesn't exist.

Good thing I completed migrating my one channel that mattered, 2 weeks ago.

Seamless hates disabled people.

[Tab] - Learn More is focused.
[Tab] - Learn More is unfocused. Nothing else happens.
[Tab] - Learn More is focused.
[Tab] - Learn More is unfocused. Nothing else happens.

The emperor has no clothes.

> Biden Seems To Get LOST At G7, Crowd Laughs At Him As He Wanders Confused, Democrats Made A Bad Bet.
Tim Pool, 30 minutes

What happens when offices of knowledge workers start treating workers with the same human rights violations as Amazon warehouses? Will the less replaceable knowledge workers pull up goatse on their desk and wait for all the surveillance to be turned off? Will the bosses succeed in turning everyone into suicidal robots?

Everything is a scam. "Scambaiter" who fucks with Indian 419ers' office systems is sponsored by NordVPN.

Doesn't NordVPN continue to make false claims in advertizing?

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