Is the quality and security of America's elections worse than you thought? Is it the best we could hope for?

Find out on last week's Grumpy Old Bens with @dcgirl , @Sir_William , @darrenoneill , and @SirBemrose .

Great discussion and I'm sure as usual every listener will learn something.

(It's a couple of hours long and I took a few days to get through it; that's why I'm posting now.)

For those of you all who are Enterprise software developers and are forbidden by IT from editing your 'hosts' file:

In the area of web applications, you can get a lot done without requiring virtual machines. Use a Firefox-based browser with FoxyProxy to use proxy servers or no proxy based on a set of rules. Put Symfony's userland HTTP/FastCGI proxy in front of your application -- Symfony Server makes it easy to route fake hostnames to projects.

Dev question: How would I go about migrating a production database from Mastodon to Pleroma?

I can write code to transform the data. What I don't know is how to detect duplicates. The IDs are in a different format, and I want to be able to run this script multiple times. Do I need to keep a cache?

Any recommended languages or libraries for doing this?

Passover starts tomorrow night, April 8. Maybe you can’t get matzoh (a global pandemic is the best excuse for skipping matzoh ever), and probably you can’t attend a real-life seder. But you CAN watch Seder-Masochism, the best irreverent critical “video seder” out there. It’s FREE!

Stream on Vimeo:
Download at higher resolutions at

My work is free because I believe in Free Culture. As an artist, I just want people to see it. I do accept donations at , but it’s possible that money as we know it will not have much value in a few months or years. In the Gift Economy, hopefully friends with gardens will share vegetables with me. Chag Sameach!

Have you heard of Scott Adams' vision for a no-privacy city where resource usage is optimized, and your phone tells you what to eat and when to take a break based on your current physiological state?

This would go well with his vision: A toilet that chemically analyzes your shit and urine, and recognizes you by asshole. And yes of course all the logic and data live in The Cloud.


i blame 5G on the Coronavirus.

i am going to set fire to my own mask now.

What a sad state of affairs we have with software today. I searched VS Code's extension catalog for a spell checker. The second-most-popular search result has the following elevator pitch:

> Multilingual, Offline and Lightweight Spellchecker

"offline" is a feature!

I can understand the extension catalog itself being implemented as "online-only". Extensions are created and shared at a rapid pace.

Spell checkers are small and simple. Why would other spell checker extensions be "online"?!

Celebretties are sharing the "5G causes or helps the plague" theory. This is just delicious.

I heard Google took the stupid action of SUPPRESSING the conspiracy theory on YouTube. What's the next thing that happens after you suppress a story like that?

Cabin fever.

> a set of bash scripts that allows you to type by slamming your laptop closed repeatedly, using Morse code

@SirBemrose When is Dilbert going to start working from home? How long is the lead time on this?

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I want a mastodon filter that detects these stupid posts with no plaintext comment, and an image with some stupid message written on top of it. I can't remember the last time I cared what it said.

TIL there's a system for one person playing two pianos at once.

It actually has a couple of organ-style "stops" on the pedal board so that each pedal controls a specific key on the piano, the key an octave above that, or both.

My laptop is not an outside laptop. :^( The weather is perfect but the sky is too bright.

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Maintaining our social distancing in Queens. (Astoria Park, recorded just now.)

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