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Brendan Kidwell

@SpookyR @progo @RickBrandon Queer is one of those funny words that took it's meaning from a chain of euphemism.

Consider: burier -> mortician -> undertaker -> pre-arrangement consultant.

Queer was somewhere in one of those chains of euphemisms.

This is why people shouldn't redefine existing language to mean new things...

The Ouroboros is feasting!
Status: munching popcorn.

YouTube, you're not just a "TV from this week" distributor. You're also a library. Now can I PLEASE have some folders and tags on my subscriptions? And while you're at it, <5 seconds page views while browsing. Kthx.

The liberals are passing a Carbon tax here in Candanavia and the conservatives (opposition) are asking a legitimate question:

Back in 2016...

Here are the FOIA documents that Pierre Poilievre managed to obtain so far:

So much for liberal transparency... what a scam.

@mikem is this how SJWs look after the pussy hat is done eating them?

Programmers have been using the term a lot longer than reactionaries

There's a huge difference between "lookup failure" and "object does not exist". Failure to label the condition correctly can drive subscribers away.

Netflix had a global outage where the client said all titles are not in the streaming catalog.

Yo all. I'm a couple of shows behind, low on data and out on the road. Figured that this is a good time to remind everybody of the Lite version of the No Agenda show. This is another great feature brought To Us by the producers of the No Agenda show.

Great audio quality from a small package.

This is a great fucking community...

wow. will the korean war finally end?

i can only hope.

Just read this in JCD's newsletter. Hilarious.

> Bitch, please! I could pardon myself but I don't need to.
- Trump