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Podcastindex.org search integration has been merged to AntennaPod app:

It will be released in version 2.1.0 which is the version after the next version 2.0.0

I was circling around the Wikipedia articles about fractal processes and the Dragon Curve, and I came across this gem, which is the clearest "stop reading now" signal I ever got from the book of knowledge:

Years ago, Sega made a self-playing piano that didn't cost $16,000.

It was model-sized, had a full 88-key keyboard which drove a digital synthesizer. It could be played by toothpicks or midi files on an SD card.


yeah linux is cool but does it have ransomware built in

LBRY for Android has been suspended.

Google doesn't believe you should be allowed to decide for yourself about what you want to read, watch and hear.

They think they should decide for you.

I normally recommend gratiutously reading the source code to learn how things work.

But, let me clarify something. If you found the source code on gnu.org, you should probably find a different implementation to read.

A HUGE thank you to our friends at @BankofAmerica. We are so grateful for all the ways you support Community First! Village and MLF's mission to provide food and clothing, cultivate community and promote dignity to our homeless brothers and sisters in need.
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Full-List of bots: joejoe.github.io/mastodon

Why does this make me think of you, @DameAshley ?


"If someone puts a sign in their yard that reads "Hate Has No Home Here" you can be pretty sure that hate has taken over the guest bedroom and is fed 3 square meals a day."

Skeptoid podcast: there is no available evidence to support the theory that Hinkley residents were harmed by PG&E's Chromium-6 groundwater contamination in the Erin Brockovich case. The direct evidence isn't publicly available because the case went to arbitration. All available science shows there was no risk. Plaintiffs' lawyers took the arbiters out on lavish vacations.

Also, being in the State of California is known to cause cancer.

17 minutes, audio and text.

Edge for Linux launches next month. You'll get Chromium with optionally vertically-stacked tabs and no Googley cloud services.

> Users will be able to download it right from the Edge Insider's site or pick it up from Linux's package manager. [Hilarious statement, but not Microsoft's words.]

"We built an app. And we learned an important lesson: don't build an app." (30 minutes. from 2014.)

Take This Job and Shove It isn’t just a Johnny Paycheck song, it’s a way of life for more and more of us as we work harder for less. Unless you’re one of the few profiting off it all, of course.


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> 12GB

Here's a preview of the performance benefits of switching to Pleroma, after we migrated spinster.xyz (~14K users) from Mastodon to Pleroma.

It has some bombshell features Mastodon doesn't, such as Emoji Reacts and Chats. Mastodon is stagnating while Pleroma is innovating.

Most importantly, the devs will work with you instead of against you. Wouldn't it be nice if you could request features, or even contribute code? It would empower you and us both. Seems important to the longevity of the site.

Ringing the doorbell and running away is apparently a standard diplomatic gesture of contempt in India and Pakistan.

Also, Amazon and Facebook will soon be tagging face photos true/false for narcissism. Or maybe they've already been doing it for years.


Don't forget: lots of software is like this. It's worst in the Windows ecosystem where every app has its own special update mechanism. A few of them ask you every time before installing new code.

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Bitwarden, which is owned by a United States company, can install and run any arbitrary code on your client device via Bitwarden's silent automatic update mechanism.

All it takes to steal your data is a secret FISA warrant that they can't talk to anyone about.

I doubt Rogan's contract would allow this without some hefty pay hikes and renegotiation.

> Spotify Employees Demanding Direct Editorial Oversight Over Joe Rogan Podcasts — Before They’re Published

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