I overslept. Is New York City infected now? Or is it safe to go get coffee and breakfast?

"I am a former advertising executive, so let me tell you that advertising imagery, which we all tend to think of as dumb and stupid, is very powerful and persuasive, especially in the kind of volume that I’ve mentioned. We don’t think about it much, but advertising is a process of projecting very powerful imagery over and over directly into your brain. Most people scoff at the notion that such images have power. We like to think our intelligence protects us. But advertising has nothing to do with intelligence, it is simpler than that. It is image implantation. Look, if I say Energizer Bunny, or Taco Bell Chihuahua, or. how about Geico Gecko? Did a picture of those little animals appear in your head? Did you know you were carrying them around? Can you unsee those images? My late partner in the advertising business, Howard Gossage, once said “there’s a dirty little secret about advertising that nobody understands, that once the images are in your head, they never go away.” They are yours forever. The image lives in your head and in your brain, and really becomes you, especially if you don’t make efforts to actively study what’s being said and figure out what you think about it. If it’s coming at you at the rate of 200 billion dollars per year, with the average person watching 4 ½ hours of television per day, getting hit with 30,000 commercials per year. Well. It explains a lot." --Jerry Mander


Plastic bag bans

> Virtually every single belief that informs these bans is based on misinformation; and as a result, bans on plastic carryout bags do more harm than good.

17 minutes audio, with complete script included.


EXCLUSIVE: Top FBI Agent Died After Uncovering Hillary Clinton Funneled Billions of Tax Dollars from State Dept. to Clinton Foundation and Cronies – True Pundit truepundit.com/top-fbi-agent-d

ITM y'all! Tomorrow is SHOW DAY! To get you in the mood, here's a little something from ep 1208.

Yep, we're still way behind at the Anmiation Studios. Too much good material, so little time (until ).


cc: @adam @Johncdvorak

Can anyone clear up the Democrat side of this issue for me?

The second charge Trump is on trial for is saying "no, get a court order" when the House impeachment team went after the Executive Branch for evidence. But they never got a court order.

How is this an offense?

A mass shooting the media refuses to exploit... wonder why?

Black Criminal, Legally Barred From Owning A Gun, Shoots Fifteen People, Killing ONE In Mass Shooting At Black Night Club In Kansas City


Fuck OSX and its ever-expanding and unexplained system usage, and tiny fucking amount of built-in storage on Macbooks ugh

Fuck Apple for forcing me to have a Mac in order to build iOS apps

I found something else at play in Richmond (at the 2nd amendment rally) that helped make it safer. No one was allowed to cover their faces with masks.

There was only one arrest at the rally and it was because a woman refused to uncover her face.

Whenever there is a rally or a protest, that should the law.

Subverse has a centrist non-hyperbolic, non-foaming account of the rally in Virginia yesterday.

Schweizer: Bernie Sanders Funneled Tax and School Money to His Family

“They funneled $83 million through this media-buying company, which was located in a house on a cul-de-sac in suburban Virginia,” he continued. “Had no website, had no presence whatsoever. That company was run by two of Bernie Sanders’ wife’s friends. When she was asked about her connection or relationship to that firm, she hung up on a local Vermont reporter


Wow. The web is this bad, that John Oliver is complaining about it.

Wow. John Oliver has sunk to bitching about how the web works.


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