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> U.S. Supreme Court: Manhattan DA Can Review Trump’s Tax Returns

… and nothing will come of it.

@adam @Johncdvorak

Wow! What the hell?? Are they seriously trying to brainwash people into talking themselves into white guilt and undoing their "whiteness?" That's textbook racism itself! Are they seriously trying to criminalize being white?!

"The city of Seattle held a training session for white employees aimed at teaching them how to 'practice self-talk' that 'affirms their complicity' in racism and about 'undoing' their own whiteness."

In other news, I have an amplified indoor UHF antenna from Radio Shack (they died), and I lost the oddball external DC power supply which had a male 3.5mm TR plug for some reason.

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> [Upgraded 2020] Amplified HD Digital TV Antenna Long 200+ Miles Range - Support 4K 1080p Fire tv Stick and All Older TV's Indoor Powerful HDTV Amplifier Signal Booster - 18ft Coax Cable/AC Adapter

Wow. Look at that description! This UHF TV antenna is not only 4k-compatible, it's UPGRADED for 2020!

Is it noodle-gun compliant?

ICE: If all of your school's students are required to work from home, the aliens must go HOME where they came from, to study.


According to Accuweather, supernatural forces may affect climate.

So, a while back, I bought a mini PBX ($50-60) to make a simple phone captcha to block telemarketing calls. I just put the whole home phone system on line 1, and made the intro message "press 1 to connect to Bishy's home phone"

I can happily report (by logging into my Ooma console, which still receives the calls) that it blocks, on average, 10-15 calls per day.

No more duct cleaning, political recorded messages or other bullshit.

No blocklists, no monthly fees. No problems.

"EARN IT" act is "the United States Government's plan to drive as much innovation overseas as possible."

4. UNICEF estimates 6,000 CHILDREN will DIE A DAY due to COVID restrictions and approach -

5. UNICEF warns up to 1.2M children could die due to COVID lockdowns -

. At least 80 million children under one at risk of diseases such as diphtheria, measles and polio as COVID-19 disrupts routine vaccination efforts, warn Gavi, WHO and UNICEF -

I think the common advice of "don't feed the ducks" is the best course when determined that help can't be exchanged for goodwill or monetary value. When someone communicates with the emotional intelligence of a 10-year-old, you can only pray God will change their heart.

Stranger emails me out of the blue on the Internet. With no comment about whether we have a connection or not he launches right into a request for help with a browser printing problem.

Do the usual rules for polite customer service apply?


If they can do that then I need to wear a sign around my neck, "I'm currently experiencing a paper money shortage, please round up when giving me money."

@adam: How many cars did the Zephyr have?
@Johncdvorak: I can't tell you!
A: Oh, no!
J: I missed the key car, the car I start the count with.
A: The markets will be confused! of we can't give them the Zephyr car indicator, there'll be trouble!

> Kodak was hesitant to introduce digital cameras because they could cannibalize their lucrative market for film supplies. [paraphrased]

That's not the whole story but it's just one interesting point in this short documentary.

Imagine explaining to the executives in the 1990s the current 2020s market where a typical consumer would never consider using film and would never use any device but their phone to capture stills and videos.

Do you think Lindsay Ellis quit drinking? Or wants to project that she quit drinking?

She used to literally record essays while drunk. Then she hired writers, and they probably objected on the grounds that this is a bad image for the company.

I went for a walk in Lincoln Park, Jersey City today. (Just a few blocks from my house.)

I saw a turtle and a groundhog. I've never seen a groundhog before.

Glad I didn't stray more than a few miles from my building. Damn it's hot today. Hiking in the wilderness far from a train station, with no car, wouldn't have been fun.

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