Sadly, it's just a "free project money from the government" scam. It's obvious from the first few seconds of the video pitch.

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> The wood and steel cabins, which can fit up to two people, protect against the cold, wind, and humidity. They also guarantee fresh air circulation.

Sex pod.

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> Futuristic sleeping pods for homeless people installed in German city
> Tests are underway to if the pods protect against frostbite. If so, they could be rolled out across Germany


> The capsules are also equipped with solar panels, and are connected to a radio network, allowing occupants to communicate without dependency of mobile networks.

I'm down for that. Give me sleeping pods, soup kitchens, public showers, and free health care, and I'm good to go.

Via Tim Pool

> 'Douche' father-of-seven sales exec who moved his family from California to Texas then BACK again is blasted for complaining about Austin's 'rude locals, bland culture, oppressive heat and Yelp's bad food choices' in scathing Op-Ed

Yelp is responsible for bad food?

> 5. Yelp reviews can't be 'trusted' to recommend good food

Theory: Yelp destroyed its reputation; Austin doesn't trust Yelp; Austin doesn't write there.

Sen. Rand Paul:

"No Democrat will honestly ask whether Bernie Sanders incited the shooter that nearly killed Steve Scalise."

"No Democrat will ask whether Maxine Waters incited violence when she literally told her supporters" to confront Trump officials in public.

This is my son’s assignment for social studies. He had to write out an inauguration speech as if he were the president. I hope @adam will be proud of what my son said that his most important duty was! 😁

I rolled my eyes at the topics the teacher said he should cover in his speech but I think he did a good job at covering what she wanted and still getting his point across. 😁

Black Lives Matter seems to heavily trend only right around election season according to Google trends.

Facebook is a lost cause.

> I got 48 hours in Facebook jail for posting a photo of a bus [with a destination sign saying Devil's Dyke]. … It offered me a button to push if I thought there had been an error. I did that and ten minutes later, I had a message saying the original decision had been upheld.

Google is no better. You can flag an enforcement action as "I disagree" but you may NOT talk to human. Get your life out of these places.

Found the story via @oz_tunan .

So, the army didn't bring shelter for 25,000 to DC. And didn't book hotels. What the fuck?! How is this possible?!

I'm trying to be laid back and come-what-may about our government, but right now 2 days after Biden took office, it's really sick to see how clear the Party is making it that the plague was used by a tool of the Party to help get rid of a President they didn't like.

And many of us on this server knew the plague would end this quarter because it's served its purpose.

Congratulations to today's new No Agenda Knights of the Round Table, including Sir Donald Trump (gift from a No Agenda producer whose name I missed).

Everyone is skeptical concerning my prediction of a fast down ramp concerning the virus.

In two weeks expect to hear this. "Biden's plan to curb the virus is going better than planned." That will be the dog whistle to the media to start backing off coverage. This should be around Feb. 4. We'll get a sense of the real down ramp speed by March. It will be very fast.

"The only way to unity, now, is through division." - clip from today's No Agenda Show.

@LadyButters is this Nineteen Eighty-Four?

Man I ❤️ Texas. May need to rethink where we retire. 🇺🇸

@CSB following up on our short thread yesterday, my conclusion is that she performed well, and the arrangement / production was terrible. I do not know how much of a hand she had in writing the score.

Only someone as talented as Adam Neely (in the video) could have transcribed this like he did from hearing it.

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A music theorist / teacher whose videos I love analyzes Lady Gaga's "Star Spangles Banner" shit show and declares it's pretty cool.

Evil Google version:

Holy shit.

I'm migrating project workspaces from Huddle (SAS) to MoveIt (installed on our VM) for my IT department. One project I'm working on has 3 members who are not IT.

Two of those members are Ryan K and Ryan K. Two different 5-letter last names. I thought that had to be a typo. They're local and I looked them up in the staff directory. They are two distinct people with different positions in the same division.

How many email threads are they in with the wrong name? 40% maybe?

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