Afaict from DDG results, the only way to get an answer is to test the systems with a problem I would actually run on them.

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DDG search for "speed of php vs python", first result:

> Python is relatively new...

Yeah, no. I see what people mean when they say DDG results are going down in quality.

Cuomo tells New Yorkers to stay home and not have family over for Thanksgiving... invites his mother and two daughters to travel to be with him in Albany.

I did 2 hours of laptop buying research. I need a drink or something now.

@blaha @GWFF @progo @one @SirBemrose "internet enabled" with a computer onboard, wifi, enet.. it's exactly a 1984 box. If you keep it disconnnected and unconfigured, it's a monitor full of potentially hostile parts. That same device in the hands of most people could / would be working against them.

@progo @blaha @GWFF @one @SirBemrose for me, it's easy. Owning a TV presumes you want to watch one. Since I don't, the problem is solved up front. :-)

But seriously, in the age of Netflix / known-liar media, why do people still participate and pay for shit like tvs and service? Is there really no better entertainment than screens?

This would end tomorrow if people just turned this shit off and were done with it.

I figure before this election is over, someone is going to be killed because they are in a position to influence the fight.

The new front page for certainly is a lot cleaner than the old one, but it seems to have lost a lot of usability.

Call me a luddite, but my experience shows me a strong correlation between websites that are nonfunctional when I don't allow arbitrary 3rd-party code to run in my browser, and websites that intend me harm.

HTML+CSS has become a lost art.

"Animaniacs" was cynically renewed for 2 new seasons after a 22 year hiatus. In the first episode is a cynical musical number about Hollywood being out of ideas and relying on reboots.

AFAICT from the MSM headlines on Fark, the world is somewhere around 70% infected with the plague and we'll all be dead in 3 or 4 weeks.

2.0 is still under heavy development and on track for an end of year alpha release/call for contributors. The base templating, layout and rendering engine is stable, if wanting for polish. Next step is to improve input handling, session management, and create some additional UI components and basic forms for standard functionality. Next, RBAC and integrations

Infinite copyright extensions are for Disney's benefit; shut up slave, you don't get anything.

> Star Wars Novelist Says Disney Won’t Pay Him Royalties it Owes Him

Chairman of Federal Election Commission calls this USA presidential election illegitimate.

Tim Pool video. 29 minutes.

> I had been a volunteer mentor in the Google Summer of Code since 2013. I withdrew from the program at an accutely painful time for my family, losing two family members in less than a year. Within a week, Stephanie Taylor, the head of the program at Google, was sending me threats and insults. …

> Everybody else in my life [who I report to] responded with compassion and sympathy. Taylor and her sidekicks chose threats and insults.

I should probably add a disclaimer: sharing is not endorsing a statement.

I agree with Pool and I am not convinced the election was or was not swung in popular vote totals per state due to fraud. I've been avoiding "doing the work" and a lot of the evidence that exists isn't publicly accessible.

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