Court rules cops can sue Seattle councilwoman for libel for calling them murders

Shit's about to get real, ya'll!

cc @PhoneBoy @Viking

@Humpleupagus @PhoneBoy @Viking From the article. "Following the shooting, Councilwoman Kshama Sawant spoke to a crowd outside of the Seattle Police Department, calling for “justice”:"

@professortom @PhoneBoy @Viking Then I agree with the court. She didn't say it at a council meeting, so she can be sued.

@Humpleupagus @PhoneBoy @Viking Thank God for that. I thought I was about to be Mastadon famous for being part of an 11th hour reversal.

@professortom @PhoneBoy @Viking
Thank you. For people reading this post, please don't take post without included link as gospel. I've seen plenty of post that were ficticious. Verify, verify, verify....

@alpha1 @PhoneBoy @Viking “Trust but verify” as Ronaldous Magnus used to say.

@professortom @PhoneBoy @Viking

I hope they leave her penniless & in the streets with the folks she purports to support. She is a vicious, vile harridan.

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