Today I made a complete stranger laugh. Turns out, he is an ex-sitcom writer and just might have some transcription work for me.



I don't want no stinkin' @covid19 following me around. Keep that shit away from me ;)

SitRep re: LinkedIn:

I've been using a concierge service to manage my job requests. Turns out that LinkedIn chose last light to get pissy about that.

Still, this is why prefers decentralized, federated platforms vs. centralized platforms. (Or, even better, owning the platform ourselves.)

Hey guys, this is some serious bullshit, but my LinkedIn account has been "Restricted" and now they're asking me for a picture of my DL.

I may truly need the to come to my aide.

Live-updating list of companies hiring, in hiring freezes and layoffs:

Any recommendations for an iOS client for NA Social?

This would be better to see than a bunch of Hollywood media whores singing "Imagine".

@ProfWorr @SirSpencer @Johncdvorak I suggest a change of topic and would like to suggest value for value on some Teeshirts and things I designed:

@professortom do. It.
Because random development projects are fun.

@m00se @ProfWorr @ChrisWilson @jennifer We should plan an NA Meetup w/ @Johncdvorak with a pole on a stage and have him do his raven routine IRL.

Any of our smokin' hot Dames out there willing to be called to the stage by JCD?

I was listening when the show reach episode 200 and the boys did the 200.5 show.

There was a guy that was pretty active in NA at the time: MrOil. I heard he wound up in the hospital. Whatever happened to him?

@Johncdvorak I had a theory prior to the world going on lockdown of how to spot the spook at an NA Meetup: the person who doesn't/never had the 'Rona.

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