this is more than a management issue....something else is going on.

Convo in my head:

Mask Wearer(MW): Why aren't you wearing a mask?
Me: Because I see no need based on data and I am not at risk.
MW: Well you may get someone else sick you must wear a mask.
Me: Are you pro choice?
MW: Yes, what does that have to do with it?
Me: My body, my choice, keep your "laws" off of my body.
MW: But my choice for abortion has no risk of killing someone else.
Me: waits.....
MW: Head explodes....

Could go for the mandatory vaccine as well. How off am I on this?

Did Biden use a stunt double when he left his house for the first time on Memorial Day?? @ScottAdamsSays @seanhannity @IngrahamAngle

Am I missing something here? Here is the new Small Business Loan program put out by NYS today (5/26).

Months 1-3 you still need to pay interest? No grace period? What the hell kind of loan is this? Any private loan would give you a ramp up.

Theory: Trump will win electoral vote by a small margin. Trump will lose popular vote by a larger margin than 2016; as more blue-state Dems vote against him [those who assumed Hillary was going to win and didn't vote]...discuss

The masks are coming off in NYC. I had to wait a while to be served the cheeseburger I ordered in the deli. About 40% of the customers I saw didn't have a mask on, despite the sign demanding it up front. The cashiers wear a mask about half the time, in this deli.

that on Wikipedia, if you change the subdomain to `simple` (e.g. vs then you get a shorter, easier to understand version of the article.


Bars need your help. We can only open at 1/3 of our capacity!

Those who cannot drink for 3 are kindly asked to leave their place to the PROFESSIONALS!!

Lockdown was a waste of time and could kill more than it saved, claims Nobel laureate scientist at Stanford University

"Competing scientists' research - whose models produced vastly different results - were largely ignored by government advisers."

@jennifer Business Question for you: what is your rate for voiceover/narration work?

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