It sounds like what’s in the bill has more to do with drunk driving

Oh my Lord. They keep saying "OMNICRON" instead of "OMICRON". Biden said it 4 times, Fauci said it Once. It's on the goddamn teleprompter.

We Found Over 700 Doctors Who Were Paid More Than a Million Dollars by Drug and Medical Device Companies

Now There’s Proof: Docs Who Get Company Cash Tend to Prescribe More Brand-Name Meds

CNN Exclusive: The more opioids doctors prescribe, the more money they make

Big Pharma shells out $20B each year to schmooze docs, $6B on drug ads
Persuading doctors and direct-to-consumer ads land 1-2 punch for knockout sales.

Here's how a $50 drug ends up costing you $700 in America's healthcare system

Sworn to secrecy, drugstores stay silent as customers overpay
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@spinneria @NurseRatched

"this dirtbag"= the F-man, not the SA health minister. Looks like they have had a lot of mysterious deaths in SA so far.

We also know the F-man was instrumental in bringing AIDS to Africa, Haiti etc. He was no doubt one of the conmen behind that too. You'd have to watch Red Pill Expo or similar to get the true dirt on that.
@spinneria @NurseRatched


Fauci is already in the thick of it. Oh my goddess I hope the Americans do the right thing and throw this dirtbag in jail. He and Gates have been the 'great architects' of this massive deception.
I can prove you're a fucking moron, ready?

If covid was as deadly and contagious to the entire population as they say, entire households would vanish (please, learn some statistics on clustering of events in random process, and how much worse it is in contagion models. keywords: clustering, contagion, you suck at math).

The real estate market would crash because of all the ghost houses flooding the market -- especially the high end, as the rich never locked down.

High-density housing with common areas would be hardest hit, rents would plummet. Go ahead and model that NOT happening using only your state-sponsored facts.

An entire industry of "covid cleaning" would have arisen to get these houses back on the market. Or we'd burn them down.

Where are all the orphans?

Think of all these mathematicians who took stupid pills in 2020, giving some sort of cowardly deference to short bus biologists. You think they are never going to detox, never going to start doing math again -- and rip this hoax to shreds? What a mysterious, mysterious pandemic with not a piece of valid math in sight.

Oh, do you think the PCR tests could stop it? See the false negative rate in the first week of infection.

Oh, are you saying covid isn't deadly in the vast majority of cases, why lock down?

When I'm told by family that I'm putting them at risk by not being clot-shotted, and that it's the host's prerogative to ask me to get a PCR test, what's a sardonic way to respond? How about:
"Perhaps the vax-that-ain't is just a scam if it can't prevent death and in thousands of cases, causes death. I'd take the non-specific to COVID PCR test if everyone else does, since the clotformists are more likely to carry it."
#clotshot #VerbalWar

Run like Hell if you see the UN, WHO or other globalist douche organization involved in ANYTHING!
Give them nothing, help them in no way. They do not want what's best for the people, they want power and control.

What Is the Global Public-Private Partnership

What part of does the not understand?

Judicial Watch: CA Sheriff Sued by ACLU for Reporting Illegal Immigrants to ICE - YouTube

Free citizens are forced to accept Fauci’s poison into their lives, criminals escape fate by court order

Court blocks COVID-19 vaccine mandate for California prisons | Fox News

WHat is it Gov. Charlie Baker???? I think you are speaking out both sides of you ass.

does anyone know when Steven Sondheim got his vaccine?

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