@Evenkeeld @ProfWorr it’s a very interesting start to the show for sure. I do think that AC was a bit rude about people being weak for wearing masks. I’m a lot more fatalist about this crap. I think there’s not a whole lot we can practically do aside from open everything back up and just advise people with compromised immune systems to avoid gatherings. Ultimately, the working poor get whooped the most by shit policies and sicknesses.

Is anyone else concerned that so many of these social worker/mental health/child services types are often pink-hairs that can't get their own lives together.

How are they "experts" when they're worse off than most of their clients?

I mean, I'm not taking financial advice from a broke person (unless it's "don't do what I did"), so why is anyone even listening to these people?

@CSB head Back via sms. I found his number. He is out of alcohol and nicotine

Situation is dire. Send supplies

Other than that, it’s the cough that’s shit. Everything else is ok so far. He will certainly pull through

Surveillance everywhere, bro.

Just months after getting woke on hate speech, Sony has updated its PlayStation system to record players' game-chat conversations and enable users to snitch on each other for saying things that violate the firm's code of conduct.

A software update launched this week for the PlayStation 4 video-game system included an alert, warning users that “voice chats may be recorded for moderation” and that “by joining, you agree to being recorded.”


ITM. Just putting this out there. I'm currently enrolled in a plumbing pre-apprenticeship which is due to be completed at the end of December 2020. If any of the Gitmo Nation in Toronto knows of any plumbers looking to take on an apprentice please do not hesitate to reach out. Thank you for your courage.
<insert jobs karma here>

Target Starbucks now has the same policy toward service for those without a mask as many places had toward blacks pre-Civil Rights Act.

"I can't serve you because of your skin color/because you're not wearing a mask."

Even if you say you have a medical condition and have a bracelet on.

At a 2-wheeled event in Kentucky..no signs of any Biden support in these parts, however a trailer with Trump standing on a tank with an AR, bald eagles and explosions - check! Murica!

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