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I'm not usually an IPA guy, but this one is fantastic. It's very creamy, which balances out the bitterness, and pineyness very well. It has a very sweet aftertaste also.

We're not at peak foilage yet, but it's already better than last year.

The maples all had some kind of infection last year that made all the colors very dull. None of that so far this year.

Leaf peeping season is officially open in Lebanon Maine.

I will report in from the White Mountains in a little while.

450 miles of logging speed limits and road surfaces today. 230 waypoints, and a hell of a great drive. I'm exhausted!

I took The 42 (Miata Is Always The Answer!) instead of the Zook today. The AC was nice, and so was the roof, because I got monsooned on for a few miles. It stayed wet most of the day after that. Rain/Sport tires are awesome BTW.

I should have broken this into separate tracks, but I like seeing my whole trip at once.

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I spotted this yesterday while I was out riding. I'm told there are about a half a dozen of these in the area, but I've only found two of them. Allegedly, a horse or a cow can be lead in if you pull their head down, but will stay inside instead of ducking their head to get out. I don't know of I buy it, but they are cool regardless.

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