@pokey Supposedly, but not officially (no IP rating)

I will stick with my 1+ X then. I don't remember how long I've had it, but it's still fast and runs without any glitches or anything. I'm running LineageOS nightly, and it's rock solid.

@pokey Well, I needed a major upgrade over my 16 GB Nexus 4. 😃

I have a galaxy S2 that I only use to run the Torque app in my car. It's not good for much, but it's great at that.

I found it on the street when teaching my oldest to drive. We got it to power up, and we contacted the owner, but she didn't want it back because the screen was cracked.


I replaced the screen and digitizer, then then I replaced everything else. It started life as a white phone. It's all black now, and it looks like it belongs in that car. If you want a cheap phone with cheap parts that you or the kids can tinker on, that's it.

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